Wednesday – Half Day!


Made it to Wednesday and Treacle is very busy outside to be bothered to do her Wednesday Wag!!!! 

Today all the children went back to school and, like when they break up in July it heralds summer, today heralds the beginning of Autumn.  Of course our two are now all grown up and in the World of Work but here is a sneaky throw back to when they were at school.


Eldest Aged 10 and Youngest Aged 6,  Primary School.


Eldest Aged 18 and Youngest Aged 14, Senior School.

I love looking back at old pictures!!!!

Work has been busy yesterday and today and I managed to get a huge amount of ironing done so at the moment I am back up to date with everything!!!!!  Yeah!

At the weekend DH is busy the whole weekend with swimming duties so I am going over to Nottingham on Saturday to run some errands and then Sunday I will be getting on with some quilting.  I am a bit behind on those projects!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – Half Day!

  1. farmquilter

    Love the pictures of your boys ready for school!! They look so smart in their uniforms. That is one thing I wish they would institute here…so many of the kids look so sloppy when they head to class. When I was teaching high school, the school was built on a hill, with the buildings spread out, so there were lots of stairs to get to the different buildings. I always hated walking behind some of the boys with their backpacks on. The backpacks made their shirts ride up and their pants were really saggy, so I got a face-full of their underwear-covered bums!! Horrid!! Good luck on getting to the quilting on Sunday!!

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