I feel like Snoopy today!!!  It has been a very busy work day and I have only just finished at 6.15pm!!  Still have dinner to cook and a basket of ironing to do!  Plus my tumble dryer has broken!!!  Grr

At the weekend we got quite a few jobs done in the garden and it is starting to look tidy ready for it’s winter snooze!  We had a lovely evening with our good friends Val & Dave who came for dinner on Saturday evening.


Treacle has been spending all day outside whilst the weather is still nice, so at night she is absolutely zonked!!!!  Doesn’t stop her from using the WHOLE of our bed!


You know that I love Christmas but I am already getting bombarded with emails, mailers etc about Christmas!!!!  I know there are three months to go but honestly!!!!!

I hope your Monday is going okay and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    You had a busy start to your week. Stinks that your dryer is broken! I love hanging clothes on the line at home during the warm months, but we get rain so infrequently that it is easy for me to do. Daughter #2 is in the mandatory evacuation zone in Georgia for her home, but has to wait for the Army to decide if she can go or stay. The nasty part of the hurricane is supposed to be arriving tomorrow…an interesting birthday gift for her, to be sure!! I’m over 2,600 miles away, so there is nothing I can do for her! I’ve ever had to evacuate for anything before, so this is all new territory!! I can’t even offer her advice, LOL.

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