Susie’s Friday Book Club.

As you know from last month’s Book Club I am currently reading the new George R.R. Martin Book “Fire and Blood” which is the prequal to Game of Thrones.  If you have actually seen the book in person it is the size of a brick and I have not got very far with it at the moment and will be taking it away with me on vacation.

So this month’s Book Club is a little different and I thought I would show you a very favourite cook book of mine, Nigella Lawson’s “At My Table”.  I have all of Nigella’s books and use lots of recipes from them day to day and for dinner parties. 


I think because she is not a chef but a good home cook as she calls herself, her recipes work and they also work if you change an ingredient, which I have found in the past with other chef’s books this doesn’t happen.

I think I have also said about Nigella’s books before that you can actually read her books as she has a very easy way of writing and puts little anecdotes in when telling you about the recipe.


This is one of my favourite recipes from the book Chicken Fricassée.  You can use left over chicken or turkey or cook it from scratch, so very versatile, DH and The Boys love it.  It is also a good recipe for cooking ahead and re-heating.


Here is my copy!

You can get it from Amazon as a hard back or Kindle edition.  It was first published in 2017 so is one of her relatively new books.  I hope you try this or one of her other books as she really does have some different but delicious recipes.


Yesterday was the worst day, weather wise, I have lived through!  The heat was unbearable and despite all our curtains and blinds being closed tight and windows open, the heat just got in.  I stopped Treacle going outside as she was just lying in the sun panting even with her short hair so I closed the back door as well.  I actually hung my washing out and it was dry in an hour!!!  Our bedroom is at the back of our property which gets the sun from 10.00am until 7.00pm so last night our room was like an oven.  We really didn’t sleep much.  We kept all the doors open trying to catch any breeze but nothing.  I was awake at 4.00am and it was a little cooler but not much!

Today it is 76°F but still very warm and muggy!  We are supposed to get heavy rain over night and all day tomorrow and Sunday which will hopefully cool it down a bit.  However Sunday I was going to do a BBQ for us all but I think I will be cooking in doors now, hey ho!

Whatever you are all up to this weekend I hope you lovely lot have a good time, whatever the weather is doing!

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Susie’s Friday Book Club.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    We’ve seen Nigella on our Public Broadcasting station and she is wonderful! The chicken fricassee recipe sounds very yummy. We are so sorry that you are sweltering in the heat. It’s no fun AT ALL!

  2. farmquilter

    I hope your rain comes and does for you what our thunder storm did for us – the temps dropped from 98 to 73, immediately and the rain poured down (Tara refused to go outside!) while lightning flashed and thunder rolled!! It was so refreshing, but today the humidity from that rain makes it sticky! We are so not used to humidity! Hope you can sleep tonight in the cool brought by the rain. At the farm, I love how fast my laundry dries when I hang it out – about 30 minutes for everything except the jeans…they take a little longer. I love cookbooks, but I get frustrated when they call for weird ingredients I can’t find or require me to spend the entire day in the kitchen creating them! I like them to look like I am spending forever creating them, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time!

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