Thursday Things!


If only we were at the beach but not, and it’s HOT!!!!  93°F today (I use Farenheit as Centigrade just doesn’t convey the temperature at 34°C!)

DH is out and about visiting customers and that’s okay as he has air conditioning in the truck but answering Susan’s question earlier in the week, we in the UK don’t tend to have air conditioning in our homes and the humidity is currently 40% but increasing as the day goes on! So we just end up closing our curtains and blinds, switching everything off we can electrical that produces heat in any way, live on salads so we don’t have to cook and don’t sleep until the weather breaks!!!!

Tomorrow it will still be hot but only 70°F!! so we will all be wearing jumpers!!!!!

I am busy trying to keep up to date with EVERYTHING as we go away in a weeks time so don’t want to have to rush to get things done!  It’s a plan and at the moment I am sticking to it!!!!

#TBT today is our wonderful Boys.  The one below is from 2005 OMG fourteen years ago!  They were, and still secretly are (tee hee), great fans of Thomas The Tank Engine and our local steam railway always had several days during the year where Thomas came to the track.  Youngest was five and Eldest nine.


As we are away to Scotland I thought I would include this picture of the Boys at the Loch the cottage overlooks.  This is from 2009 so ten years ago and they were nine and thirteen. 

Xanders Pier 2 on Loch Mhor Aug 08

Also thought I would show you a throwback of a bit of our garden and what we did last weekend.


This is the bed on the right hand side of the garden and things had gotten a little overgrown and the blue spruce was only alive on the ends, so DH decided to “trim” everything back.  This means take things out and chop everying back hard!!!!!


Here it is now and we bought some plants last weekend that were on sale and have put them in.  We need to buy a few larger plants to fill the big gap or some four footed person will be up there if we are not careful!!!!!  It does look better!

I have already done the house jobs today before the sun was up and it got too warm and I have finished my work, work as well so am just now pottering around doing odd jobs, Treacle and I are just trying to stay as cool as possible.

Happy HOT Thursday everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Thursday Things!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    93 degrees is HOT no matter what the humidity is! We are so happy that it will drop back down to 70 tomorrow for you. We’re getting another heatwave next week with temps in the 90’s. UGH~
    Your gardens always look so beautiful!
    Stay cool, Miss Susie and Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    We are moving from the high 90’s to the low 100’s this weekend, so I’m with you on the heat!! 101 is forecast for Sunday and I have to umpire that evening, so it will start out really warm. Love the cool picture from Scotland…looks like the weather was cool enough for jumpers/long sleeves there! One more week and you will be in the cooler weather up there! We don’t have central air at the farm, just window units for the bedroom and the kitchen…fans in the living room and in my studio. Since my studio is on the top floor, it warms up around 11 or 12, so I have to get up there early to work unless I want sweat dripping all over the quilt I am quilting. I am not really a morning person, so getting up to quilt early is hard!! The sacrifices we make for our quilting!!

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