Christmas & Boxing Day.

Back again to look at Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Now The Boys are obviously a lot older we get to sleep in!!!!  Well saying that Youngest was up at 8.00am but that is a lie in from when they both used to get up at 5.00am!!!!

Treacle and Youngest wearing hats!  The presents for The Boys and Treacle by the fireplace and the rest by our tree.  Treacle could not wait to open hers so Youngest helped!  We did save some for when Eldest and Fiancé came round later in the day.


Our dining table ready for Christmas dinner.


Our table centre piece from our party still looked great for Christmas Day.


I got some new place holders with our names on them, so cute.


Eldest & Fiancé and Treacle helping with the presents in the evening.


Eldest helping Treacle with her final gifts.  She had lots to play with and a few treats.

Boxing Day Eldest and Fiancé came round early and we had a lovely day with them, playing board games.  Eldest is a terror at Monopoly, always has been and we have all threatened not to play the board game with him ever again.  Anyway for Christmas I bought him the new Monopoly game “Cheater’s Edition”


Basically it is the normal Monopoly but you can cheat in any way you can but if you get caught then you have to pay a fine.  It was great fun and we all tried to cheat in different ways, Eldest loved it!!!!!


Our dining table on Boxing Day. 


DH’s Mom’s Dresser.

When we went to London we visited Harrods and they were making hessian sacks and printing names on in three sizes, so we bought the small ones for the children and packed them with things from London which was on the table.  When the Boys were little I always made and filled their stockings for them which they had on Boxing Day.  This meant that Christmas lasted a little longer and I spent all year finding little gifts and things for their stockings.  They loved it and it was great to carry on the tradition now that they are older, but with a more grown up “sack”.

It was a busy time and we enjoyed every minute of it and Treacle loved having everyone at home and brought all her toys to show us, several times!!!  Tomorrow I will show you my gifts, I got a lot of books!!!!  So my To Read shelf is now quite full which will be great to keep me busy over the Winter months!!!!

Busy catching up on work today, although it is still quiet business wise as I think everyone else is catching up after the Christmas break.

I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    It looks like you had a wonderful time together on Christmas and Boxing Day!! Always nice to have the boys come together for the holidays…Treacle looks really happy to have all of her humans home! I’m looking forward to seeing what you received for Christmas!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    It looks like you had lots of fun on Christmas day and Boxing day! Molly loves getting gifts and showing them off as much as Treacle does☺ I haven’t played Monopoly in years. Love this version!

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