New Year Wednesday Wag!

Happy Woofy New Year!


I had a wonderful Christmas with my Hoomans and lots of presents and a few treats.  We are all back to normal now with Mom working at her desk and I am keeping her company in my basket as you can see. 


The weather has been really yucky with cold winds and lots of rain and very grey skies so it really has been a case of quick visits outside.  Mom and Dad are going to take me for a very long walk at Chatsworth next weekend and they are hoping the weather is going to be better than this coming weekend.  Dad is busy all weekend and Mom is planning on staying in her sewing room which is fine by me!  I love being in there with her and it is lovely and warm, so I can’t wait for that and Eldest has new bedding for his bed!

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Mom I love his new bedding, it is very snuggly and warm!

I am hoping that we may get some snow this year, they keep forecasting it but so far we have not had any!!!  I will be keeping my paws crossed that we get some!!!

Thank you for joining me on another year of Wednesday Wags.

Woof, Treacle.

2 thoughts on “New Year Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Mom says the mountains that surround us got up to 4 feet of new snow this past weekend, so I guess I should be glad we only got 5 inches! I hate it because it really limits where I can do my business and chasing the squirrels that run along the fence when I’m slogging through the snow is just not on!! I’m keeping warm snuggled with mom or in my bed with my blankets…you stay warm too!! Tara

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