I Love Summer.

huts-2372409_1920I do love all the seasons as I think each one has something special to offer but I think if I have to choose, I love summer.  The wonderful light nights, the weather is amazing here this year and generally most people are happy, there is always the exception though!!!!!


Wimbledon begins today and so that will be a great fortnight of tennis and as the good weather is forecast to last for another month hopefully we won’t see the roof in action.


The English strawberries are just starting to ripen but because it is always so busy for us these few weeks, I tend to get the Scottish strawberries which are usually later and make my jam when I get back from holiday.  Strawberry jam is the family favourite.


It’s the Dog Show tonight for Carnival with the new team running it and DH is compering it for them.  Treacle is not entered as it is very warm again today and I don’t think I would want her out in this heat on the park for a couple of hours.  She is currently fast asleep in her basket by my desk and not hot at all, so the best place for her.  Spa Day on Thursday for her and she will be having a short back and sides to cope with the heat.

I got up early this morning and got all my ironing done again before it go hot and just have the weekends washing to do tonight and I am up to date with that again. 

I finished quilting my summer quilt and have washed it and will get some pictures of that tomorrow and put them up.  I am now on to the anniversary quilt to be sandwiched and pinned so I can get that done and then the baby quilt to be done.  After these projects are finished, I am going to be working on Christmas presents (!).

I hope you all had a lovely summer’s weekend and have a great week, whatever you are up to.

Summer Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “I Love Summer.

  1. farmquilter

    All my canning/jam making happens the end of August and the first part of September – the hottest part of the year! How lovely to have the choice of English and Scottish strawberries! Those berries do look good!! I usually make wild blackberry jam – the blackberries grow along the coast so I used to pick them when my daughter lived on the coast and I could pick them in the field across from her house. Miss those days. When she moves to Georgia, I’ll have to see what I can find there to add to my pantry! I’m looking forward to seeing your summer and baby quilts…and Christmas gifts!! You are so organized!! Enjoy your lovely weather!!!!

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