Tuesday Quilt Story.


There is a story about this quilt which I have named “My Summer Quilt”.  It started off as two Moda Charm packs as I needed something bright on my table for my stall which I had a couple of year’s ago at the Carnival. 


So when it was on the stall it was not quilted or finished and I was just going to add a border and leave it at that but DH said I should add some more squares to it and make it into a full size quilt.


Here it is.  I love the colours and normally I wouldn’t go for colours like this but I think it looks great for summer.  Here it is on our bench.



Here is the back which is done in pale and a bit darker pink. 



As the weather is wonderful again I was able to take the pictures outside for a change rather than indoors.

This is the quilt I am going to use with Treacle on it for the “Pets On Quilts” Show in August, but am not taking the picture until after she has been to her spa on Thursday.  At the moment as she is spending all day and all evening outside, her coat looks very untidy with bits of leaves and grass in it!!!!  I keep getting them out of her coat but by the time she comes in again she looks as bad!!!!  Roll on Thursday and she will be cool and de-fluffed!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Quilt Story.

  1. farmquilter

    Love your summer quilt!! Definitely cheerful and the colors remind me of summer! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Treacle strutting her clipped self on it in the Pets on Parade!

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