A little bit different #Throw Back Thursday today.  As you know whilst I have been confined to Quarters I have been watching quite a few films, some new and some I have watched several times before.  Of course there are only so many out there and I finally got around to watching a few from my childhood.  One of which was and remains still my most favourite.


I don’t know why it was my favourite as a child but I just loved it and watching it again recently it did not disappoint.  I always felt that the scene with Professor McGonagall at almost the end of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows where she makes the stone guards come to life to protect Hogwarts, was based upon when Miss Price makes the armour walk to defeat the Nazi invasion force.  As JK Rowling is the same age as me I am sure she got the inspiration from this Disney film for that scene of hers.


I always loved the travelling brass bed and when I bought my first double bed I choose one just like it.  It was dammed uncomfortable when you sat up to read in it with the brass bars on your back and despite putting pillows at it, it was still dreadful!!!!  Needless to say I got rid of it!!!.

I suppose because of this film I was bound to love the Harry Potter series, which I read all the books to both Boys and of course saw all the films with them, even DH liked them.


Speaking of movies there are quite a few coming out this year from Disney which I would like to see.  There is the new “Avengers – Infinity War” where there are more stars in it than you can shake a stick at!  Goodness knows how much the salaries are for all of them. 


There is the new Star Wars movie “Solo” coming out about a young Han Solo which I hope will be better than the Star Wars ones so far.  I feel that since George Lucas has handed over to Disney it has gone awry.  


Finally back to my childhood with the new Mary Poppins film coming out at Christmas with Emily Blunt as Mary.  I like her as an actress and think she will play the part well.  So with the price of cinema tickets now I had better get saving up to go and see all of these on the Big Screen!!!

Today is house jobs day and tomorrow grocery shopping and Saturday I will be back in my sewing room trying to get some more things done!  I hope you all have a Terrific Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Watching movies is not something I do well. The movies has to really be good for me to get hooked enough to not need to do something else at the same time. I have one daughter who is a total Harry Potter fan – she could read one of the books in a single day…nothing else was accomplished that day! I agree with you about the Lucas/Disney problem, the Star Wars series lost its edge. Glad you are feeling better – don’t over-do and find yourself in trouble. Be the turtle, slow and steady will get you to your goal much faster then pushing yourself back to bed!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom read the book Bedknobs and Broomsticks a LONG time ago but she never saw the movie but she did see the original Mary Poppins and it’s one of her very favorites!

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