It’s Friday!


Hello you amazing lot, it’s Friday and we made it to the end of another week relatively unscathed!! Tomorrow is five weeks since my Op and when I went into hospital, six week recovery seemed like forever but here we are with one more week to go and then I will be able to drive again!!!  Things are okay, I get a little bit of stiffness in my back at the end of the day but nothing bad.  I am trying to do some walking around the home without any crutches but am still limping but apparently that is okay!  To me I should be walking fine with no problems, but that’s me.


However this weekend is not my most favourite as we lose an hour’s sleep on Saturday/Sunday!  I love the lighter nights and the whole Summer feel but losing that hour is just horrendous!!!  Hey ho.


This year’s F1 Grand Prix season starts this weekend in Australia with Lewis Hamilton going forward to defend his World Championship and try to win his Fifth.  If he does do it he will equal Juan Manuel Fangio’s record of five World Championships.  His rival, Vettel, is also trying to win his fifth title and he was the closest to Hamilton last year in the standings.  Me, I am hoping Hamilton does it as I cannot stand Vettel!!! 


I am always on the lookout for new TV programmes, especially as a few that I watch have now finished, and I found this the other day.  Now this is Series 2 I am watching but having seen the catch up at the start of the first episode of this series I don’t think you have to watch the previous series.  I think it is very good and could go on to be one of my favourites.

One of the characters in Episode 2, played by the great Christine Baranski, made a statement which I whole heartedly agree with.  “The World is terrible!”  She watches the news, she reads the news and nothing is good.  The person she is talking to responds and says but every generation feels that at some point but she answers to say no this time it feels different. 

I know how she feels.  I have lived through some turbulent times (yes not as bad as some previous generations but we have had a few) and yet today it just seems worse and it seems to me that you have to work harder to find the good.  One thing I have been doing is trying to not read or watch or listen to every piece of news.  Because the News channels are on now 24/7 they are having to find a lot of news to fill all that time and sometimes I think that ignorance is bliss. 

Marchs Its a Wild Life BOM

One of my ways of dealing with it is to quilt and this is what I am going to be tackling this weekend.  Applique, OMG!!!  Wish me luck.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and that Spring is starting to appear wherever you are.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    As much as I love the sun being up later, I’m with you in missing that hour of sleep!! We “sprang forward” a week ago so I’m not cued to fix dinner for my dad at the proper time! I have to actually pay attention to the clock…oh my, such a trial! So I guess we are trading an hour of sleep for more sun at night…and in the autumn we’ll “fall back”, getting an extra hour of sleep but early dark! I can’t believe it has been 5 weeks since your surgery! Time stretched out endlessly ahead of us, but when we look back, it has flown! Just talking about that hour of sleep I lost…I need a nap!! Keep healing, taking it easy and not pushing so hard that you are climbing into the attic to clean it out!!!

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