Tuesday Thoughts!

Well the final episode of Bones has aired in the UK and after twelve years of dedicated watching I feel it went out with a whimper instead of a bang!   I think it was because they only allowed the final series to be twelve episodes instead of the usual twenty two and the producers felt they had to do a big storyline which seemed to be badly planned and rushed.  It would also have been nice to have a crossover with Bones and the X-Files instead of the bad crossover with Sleepy Hollow but we viewers are never consulted on these important issues!!!!!!!!

Talking of changes here is the new £1 coin which has twelve sides and has just gone into circulation.  Of course for those of us of a certain age they remind us of the old Threepenny bit, below.

The new £1 coin is supposed to be less able to be forged but I am sure some enterprising criminal will find a way to do it!

Talking of old coins here is the old six pence which up until 1946 actually had 50% of silver in them.  Brian May of Queen actually uses a sixpence as a guitar pick instead of a plastic one as he finds them too flexible.  He will use the serated edge of the coin to get a different sound.  Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top uses a Mexican Peso. 

The worst coin we ever had was the half penny!  They were a complete pain in your wallet and most people ended up just putting them into a jar and saving them up. 

Since the weekend when we had temperatures of up to 70°F and it was lovely and sunny. it is now down to 50°F and freezing again!!  I have booked Treacle in for a spa day next week so of course it will be cold until then and afterwards too!  Our Weathermen are forecasting a fantastic summer with wall to wall sunshine but as they forecast this every year we are not holding our breath!!!!!!  Tomorrow I am out for Lunch with Jayne!!!

Happy Tuesday

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your coins are so pretty! We had 70 degree temps here yesterday and it’s supposed to be even warmer today but then it cools off. Mom doesn’t want hot temps to arrive too soon. She likes the cool spring that makes the pretty flowers last and last!

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