British Quilt & Stitch Village 2017

This quilt is called Fossil by Shiela Harris

Warning heavy picture post!

I went off to the Quilt show on Friday and I have not been to this show for about four years and usually quilt shows get bigger over the years but I can honestly say this one hasn’t!  There were certainly less trade stands and less quilts.  Although the quilts which were entered were lovely.  Enjoy!

This is Ornithological Oddessy by Anne L Beaumont which won her category of Special Theme Quilt and won Overall in show.  Anne drew all the birds except the woodpecker and it is hand appliqued by the needle turn method and hand quilted. 

Giant Hexies Galore by Brenda Wroe

This group is from the Modern Quilt Category and although not a favourite of mine the ladies did wonderful work.

Spearmint and MInet Accented Table Cover by Brenda Shingler

Meadow Flowers by Brenda Shingler

Jelly Cats by Tracy James

In the Footsteps of Dragons by Sheilah Daughtree

Diptych:  Inspired by Klimt by Eleanor Marsden which won first in this category.

Churned to a T by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff

Kirsty’s Victorian Fantasy by Irene Conley

A close up of the victorian pictures on the quilt.

One Lump or Two by Mrs P Underwood

Reflections by Deborah Griffiths  Machine appliqued and free motion stitched.

“ILL met by Moonlight Proud Titania” by Stephanie Preece 

Sunny Sampler by Karen Kirk

Too Cold for Snow by Helen Walland The Silver Darlings by Reosemarie Taylor

Hexagones from a Jelly Roll by Angela Whiston. From Ireland to Indigo by Ruth Duffy.  Dyed indigo pieces and inspiration from Ruth’s Irish roots. Cupcake Heaven by Brenda Wroe  As you can see you can’t see the cupckes very well from a distance and the light was shining on the side so I got a close up, below, of the cakes. Love the Colours, but ….  by Lyn Smolenska  A stack a wash quilt learnt at a workshop but Lyn still does not like it! Fizzi-Pops by Marilla Taylor  A quilt practising curved piecing, hand stitched and quilted.  Grandpa’s First by Mr N G Mery.  This quilt was made up as he went along with materials to hand for his first Grandchild. The Elephants in the Room by Ruth Hooper, using mostly leftovers and is for her new Great-Niece. Floral Impressions by Anne Gosling

Pickled Clematis by Anne Jeater Machine applique and hand quilted. Dresden Burst by Kathleen Merry Should I Stay or Should I Go? by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff who is born in the UK married to a Kiwi and has lived in both countries several times and her heart lies in both!  It won first in the Walll Hanging Quilt Category.

I apologise to some of the ladies whose quilts are not named but where the quilts were displayed it was very difficult to get in and photograph them and then trying to match the quilt with the descriptions afterwards has been quite difficult.  They were all great.  I also apologise if I have mis-labled any!!!!! 

My only complaint on the day was how rude some of the attendees were!  I had one woman shut the door on my face, several times I was pushed out of the way whilst trying to look at fabric at the stallholders and I was queuing at one stall to get to the front and this woman just barged her way past three of us to the front!  after two hours I had had enough and left.  As I say not a big show!  I have purchased my ticket for the Festival of Quilts in August in Birmingham where there is so much more room and also a lot of stallholders.

I did get some fabric for my next planned quilt which is for Evalyn’s proper bed, now she has made room in the nursery for Owen!  I will show you pictures of that tomorrow. 

We had a great weekend, weather wise, and managed to get lots of jobs done.  Next week is Easter so we have a few things planned and more jobs of course and I am hoping to get some more quilting done. 

I hope you had a Happy Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “British Quilt & Stitch Village 2017

  1. farmquilter

    Sweet Susie, you are too nice…rude people need to have their toes stepped on (literally or figuratively) until they apologize!! I know, we have been taught to be polite and not raise a ruckus, but mercy me!!! Now for the quilts…wow, there are some beauties!! The second picture (has a blue ribbon) it looks like a large chunk of fabric to me…what am I missing?? Anne B.’s quilt is gorgeous and deserved the ribbons! The table topper by Brenda…lovely, but it has puckers because of the uneven quilting…some appears to be heavier then nothing – even quilting will result in a quilt without puckers. Loved In the Footsteps of Dragons – she did a fabulous job of creating our initial!! Love the quilting on Churned to a T – awesome!!! On Too Cold for Snow…how did she attached the snowflakes?? Love that quilt! Floral Impressions is gorgeous – needle turn applique?? Pickled Clematis…she did a fab job on the quilting!! Should I Stay or Should I Go? is super!! As usual, I’m scratching my head over some of the ribbon choices…why they won and why they didn’t!!! I want to come and judge that quilt show next time!! Thanks for suffering through all that to get lovely pictures for us!! Loved the Birmingham Quilt Show and would love to go again some day. Lots of picture opportunities there 🙂 and please indulge me in some close-ups of fabulous quilting patterns!!!!!

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