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Yep we made it all the way to Friday again.  I love Fridays, best day of the week.  Yesterday I got sent this from a very proud Grandma

mms_img-10711892991It is Emilie on her Moomin quilt!  Emilie is now three months old and boy does time go fast.  She will soon be celebrating her 21st Birthday!!!!!!!!

DSC03312Evalyn is moving into a bigger room and a big bed so I have another excuse to make a quilt, a little more grown up than the baby one for when she was born.  It is going to have some pink on it but her Mom says not too much!!!!!

I am still working my way through quilting our Boys quilts and am determined to get these finished before I start anything else.  Evalyn’s quilt will probably be for Christmas now as I don’t think I will have enough time before her third Birthday at the beginning of October, especially the way the weeks fly by. 

I manged to keep up to date will all my work this week and house jobs so feeling pretty relaxed today.  Monday evening the Swimming Club are hosting for our members a Safeguarding course which has been surprisingly difficult to sort out with people’s other commitments but we finally made it. 

Wednesday Youngest will be enrolling at the college for his course which begins the following week, so he is excited and apprehensive at the same time.  Then DH and I have to go to a funeral in the afternoon, a good friend her husband passed away two weeks ago after a long illness with cancer.  So I will really be looking forward to Friday next week. 

DH and Youngest will be off to Surrey as he is going on a Uni visit to Guildford Drama School, so they are traveling down on Friday evening for the visit Saturday and then they have to get back for Saturday evening as Youngest is in the first swimming gala of the season with the rest of the team!!!!  We never have quiet weekends!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely late summer weekend.  We are trying to make the most of the weather and light nights as they are definitely starting to draw in as we head for Autumn.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. Shasta

    I have enjoyed scrolling through the pictures on your blog – such wonderful photographs and a great way to see another part of the world. Loved the pictures of Loch Ness. The baby is cute as are the quilts.

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