Thursday Thunderings!

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As they say “it never rains but it pours”  well I thought I had a major problem with my Jeep but it turned out to just be a gasket, DH was driving home yesterday when the turbo on his Truck went!!!  The garage quoted £2,500 just for the part, my comment “is it gold plated?”!!!!!!  Anyway we have found a much better price at our local garage so it is in there awaiting the work.  Meanwhile we are coping with just my vehicle, which is proving interesting!!!!!

IMG_20160830_195229Whilst DH and Youngest were at Ponds Forge on Tuesday these cuties were near poolside.  They are raising money for a local charity.  You all know how I love Elephants. 

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You know how you get signs of Autumn, September 1st, the weather turning a little cooler, the leaves starting to turn on the trees, also your favourite shows appearing back on TV.  Masterchef Australia being one of them.  It is completely different to the other Masterchefs and the one I like the best.  Originally it was on the TV schedules at 6.00pm which was when we all sat down to dinner and we watched TV when this show was on.  The Boys loved it and one Christmas, after the show had finished, they got up to find a home made Masterchef box each and a recipe and they had to cook dinner that night.  They loved it.

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and the weather is due to nice again so hopefully a good weekend too.

Thanks also to all those who voted for Treacle, she is so pleased you liked her picture.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    We had some lightning storms come through here a few weeks ago…lots of fires started with them but very little rain! Good thing you got those trees trimmed 🙂

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