The Wednesday Wag!


For All Those Who Gave Their Lives So We Can Live Ours!


It has been wet and mild again here in the UK and very dark!  So I really am hibernating at the moment.  The clouds did lift for a little while and Mom decided I needed some fresh air and I was sent outside!

DSC05002There were some workmen at our neighbours home and they were making a lot of noise!

DSC05003Just making sure they are not going to come into our garden!

DSC05006The garden is starting to take on its winter coat.

DSC05004 DSC05005 DSC05007

The leaves are now off the trees and everything is starting to look quite bare! 

They are forecasting a big storm but it is mainly in the North but we are due more rain and it is going to get a lot colder by the weekend.  Mom has threatened a haircut soon and that will definitely make it cold, it always does when I have my coat cut!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Tell mom that you just need a bath and your face shaped up…keep the curly coat until spring!! I know I freeze all winter, even though mom puts sweaters on me (I hate them and try to rub them off). I’m off to lay in front of the heater vent…need to warm up well because storms are predicted for this weekend and the wind is trying to snatch me away when I have to go outside!!! Love, Tara


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