Out To The Theatre

My cold is starting to go, thank goodness, and tonight we are off to the Theatre to see “An Inspector Calls”.  Youngest, at the moment, wants to be an actor and is doing drama as part of his exams.  He then wants to take Drama for his “A” Levels and hopefully go on to drama school or Uni depending upon the courses!

They are seeing quite a few performances of different things during the course of the year but this opens tonight in Nottingham so we thought we would take him to see it.  The reviews have been great whilst in London, so it is now on tour.

So having now handed over the job of the swimming club secretary to the new lady, who looked a bit intimidated when I went through everything with her!!!!  I am now producing and co-ordinating all the tickets and money for our Presentation Evening on December 19th! So I suppose the old adage “if you want something doing, give it a busy person”!!!!! is there theory behind this!!  Paying work has been really busy too, which is great, I think?!!!!

Treacle seems to have gone into hibernation mode here!  It is very dark and grey outside so all the lights are on all the time when I am working and she is quite content in her basket, snoring! I hope she has the energy to do her Wednesday Wag tomorrow.

I hope you Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie

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  1. farmquilter

    So glad you are on the mend!! The hardships parents endure for their children…going to theater, sigh, such a difficult thing to do. I hope the play lives up to the reviews and that you have a great time…and that youngest learns something from the production!!

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