Swimmers Swimming for Sport Relief


It has been hectic again, that’s all I am going to say!!!!

However last Thursday was the Swimming Club’s Sport Relief evening (which is one of the reasons I have been really busy!) and we had the swimmers in the main pool doing a Fun Gala and the swimmers in the small pool doing a play session.  They all had a great time, especially when they had to swim doing an egg and spoon race and another race where they had to get dressed whilst in the water!  Here are a few pictures from the evening.


Getting ready


One of the staff from the local Sainsburys who started the evening off.

DSC03677 DSC03678

The Tombola and Cake Stall – the cakes were a huge success


Our Swimming Staff eating the cakes rather than working!


Swimmers swimming


Next heat?

It was a great evening and in three hours we managed to raise £405, well done Rascals.

Youngest swam in the Fun Gala and Eldest helped on poolside managing the swimmers, DH did the commentary and I generally helped where I was needed as Gail and I had organised the evening.  We were all tired at the end but it was really fun to do rather than just swimming!

We also ended up have a late supper of fish and chips as DH and I had not had chance to eat beforehand.  Fortunately the Boys had had dinner at lunchtime so they just had some chips!

We were busy over the weekend, which I will show you tomorrow.

Have a Merry Monday

Susie x

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