Drive Time!


Youngest behind the wheel.

This weekend we were off to the Racetrack again for the Second Drive for Youngest.  This was one of his Christmas gifts and it worked out so well for Eldest, we are carrying on for Youngest.  This time he was driving a Vauxhall Corsa, which is not quite the same as the Fiats but he still enjoyed it. 

They spend 45 minutes in the car doing all sorts of driving, just like a driving lesson, and the Instructors are all driving instructors so they are getting ahead before being able to drive properly at 17.  Eldest found that on his first proper driving lesson he was able to drive, rather than have to learn about the pedals, lights etc.  He also said he felt it helped him to be less nervous behind the wheel.  One of the highlights of the Second Drive is you get to drive round the Oval racetrack at speed!


Swapping over in the pit lane to drive round the Oval


Here he comes, he was doing about 80mph at this stage!  On know my baby!!!!!


This is the view from the car park where we waited whilst he did the drive.  The weather was cold but sunny and some great clouds!


Eldest and Girlfriend waiting in the car

After he had done his drive Eldest and Girlfriend got to then drive an Audi R8, because they have passed their tests and been driving for a while.  They both had a great time and came away wanting one!!!!

This is what they drove, but DH hasn’t uploaded the pictures of them driving yet!!!!

Well as a surprise for me my darling DH had booked a drive for me in an Aston Martin and it was great.  I got to go round the race track six times in this lovely car but at the end of the day, I love my Jeep and don’t think I will be swapping it anytime soon.


This is what I drove!!!!


Moving off.


Getting instructions and DH reflected in the window taking pictures!

We had a great day and got home about 6.30pm very tired having spent the day outside in the fresh air, which made a change to being stuck inside because of the bad weather.  Youngest is now talking about next year’s drive, and Eldest and Girlfriend are working out what they can drive next!!!!

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    I want to do this!!! Maybe this would be a great way for those of us who are used to driving on the right side of the road to learn to drive on the right side of the car – I kept turning on the wipers when I wanted to signal a turn!!! Some company should pick up on this and have a quickie training for visitors who would like to drive safely on the road in England!! That looks like sooooooooooo much fun!!!!!

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