Quilty Bags x 2!


Eldest and Girlfriend jetted off yesterday for a week in Menorca, having both now finished their exams.  As the schools are not off yet it has been quite a cheap holiday and the hotel they are staying at is across the road from the beach.  

I made the above bag for Girlfriend as a well done on finishing your exams and for her holiday for the beach.  She loved it. 


I love making these bags as they can be cut, sewed, quilted and finished in a day and are so easy.

I have work to do today as it is our Year End for the business and I have all the financial stuff to do!  I hate doing it, it is a real trial and although we do it every year I still can’t remember some of the procedures so it will no doubt take the whole day.  This morning we went for eye tests and I have to have new lenses, but it is only the third set of lenses I have had since eighteen so not so bad I suppose!

Tomorrow is swimming day so DH and Youngest are involved in that and I am determined to have a quilting day and try and get more blocks finished for Eldest’s quilt.  Wish me luck!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Susie x

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