Now what do you think Nicole Kidman and I have in common?  Certainly not husbands as DH is tall!!!!  Certainly not children as she has two more than me!  Give Up?  It’s our Birthdays today!!!!!!  People do say we look alike (ha ha) even could be twins (yeah right!)  Anyway if Nicole would ever stumble across a quilting blog (well sometimes a quilting blog!) Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was spent in a whirlwind of activity to get the cleaning, washing, ironing and my work completed, so I could have today off!  Treacle didn’t know what had hit her and missed her Wednesday Wag altogether.  The weather was really warm and oppressive and Treacle spent the whole day outside, in fact she didn’t come in for a biscuit.  She planted two feet on the kitchen mat and then took her biscuit outside!

DH flew out to Spain for a business meeting yesterday as well and stayed overnight so he won’t be home until late this evening!  So far this year that’s a two for, having missed Valentines Day as he was at an Exhibition in London and now missing my birthday!  He is going to have to do some catching up.

The Boys were really good and got up at 6.30am and I have some lovely gifts from them

DSC02949 DSC02950

Youngest gave me a picture of my Jeep beefed up (if only it had wheels like that!) and Eldest gave me some wooly ear phones for winter and Series one and two of Game of Thrones on DVD.

I also had visits from the Boys’ Godmother who gave me a book token and a Yankee Candle which I love, Jayne gave me a book token and Girlfriend and Family gave me a book token (they all must know I like books!) and made me a cake.  Can’t wait to get to the bookshop to spend them.  Another friend gave me some lovely bath oils.

Eldest took Youngest to school for me and I had a lovely long bath, reading my book!  I had planned on doing some sewing today but really didn’t feel in the mood.  Eldest then went to get lunch and brought back McDonalds!!!! and some ice cream which Treacle tucked into too!

DSC02944 DSC02947 DSC02946 DSC02945

Thank you Mummy for sharing your Birthday ice cream!

DH should be home hopefully not too late from the airport and we can share a takeaway (what are birthdays for but for eating cake and junk food!!!!!!).

Tomorrow is another busy day but at least it is Friday.  I will show you the piece of quilting I did finish.

Susie x

PS The weather is again hot and humid and reports of possible electrical storms so that should be fun.  Oh and we lost water yesterday evening at about 7.00pm and it didn’t come back on until late in the night, but at least we could have showers and baths this morning!!!!!!

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