I went to the Quilt Shop!

Heirs & Graces Patchwork Shop in Darley Dale, Derbyshire

It has been a busy old week, so I decided to sneak off today and go to one of my favourite Quilt shops, Heirs & Graces.  They have a huge selection of fabric, sewing notions, kits, books and they also do classes.  I want to do a bag which I have seen of the Missouri Quilt Company’s You Tube site so thought I would go and see what they had got.


Love these fabrics.  I know the middle one is a Christmas fabric but I still think it is great and not too Christmas-y!!!

I had a quick look at their fat quarter baskets and found these fabrics I liked.  Don’t know yet what I will do with them, but they can go in my stash.


I also found these


And as it is almost Easter, they were selling off some of their Christmas fabric, so I bought some of these


I then saw this panel in the sale basket


I love this and will get around to making something with it soon.  Finally I bought some more wadding (you can never have too much!)


Don’t tell DH!  If I hide everything, he may not notice!!!!!  Tomorrow I will be getting on with Eldest’s quilt and probably cut out my pieces for my bag.  Yeah!!!

I hope you are having a fantastic Friday.  Weather is not good here again, foggy and cold and rainy too!!!!!

Susie x


Youngest just got in from school and Treacle is so happy!!!!

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