A Finish and Mother’s Day!


Look what my lovely Boys gave me for Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK, although the weather was really cold and snowy!!!  It was a great day, I got to have a bath in peace and then lunch and then watched a movie in the afternoon.  We still went to Swimming Club in the evening and had dinner when we got back.  I love those sorts of days!

Saturday Eldest was out with Girlfriend, Youngest was busy with a school project and DH was out at the County Swimming Championships.  So with everyone busy I got some quilting done.  This is what I made!


My bag from the tutorial on You Tube from The Missouri Quilt Company!


A closer picture of the material


Here it is stood up!

I will use it to carry all the rubbish I seem to collect in my normal bags, including my Blackberry Tablet, which will not fit in to any of my other bags!!!

It was great to make something and get it finished in a day!  Now I will be back to getting Eldest’s blocks done for his quilt. 

It is snowing again here today and I have to catch up on the jobs I didn’t get done over the weekend.  You get to have fun for one weekend but then get behind!!!!!

Have a Marvelous Monday.

Susie x


Treacle’s cold today so is tucked up in her basket!!!!

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