Look What I DId!

Pinned ImageSaw this picture on Pinterest and just love the room.  Oh to have a sewing room like this!

Anyway I managed to get some quilting done this weekend on Eldest’s quilt and am so pleased.  I got up at 6.30am yesterday and left Youngest, Treacle and DH in bed asleep and crept downstairs and started sewing.  It helped that the Men’s Final of the Australian Open was on at 8.00am and I got to watch that at the same time!


So three blocks made so far just another twenty odd to go!!!!

We had more snow again on Friday night as you may have seen from my post and Saturday was fun getting around but by Sunday morning it had been raining all night and the snow had almost gone!  Treacle was not pleased!

Back to school and work this morning.  Pilates is at 9.30am and at least we all made it today as the roads were clear and our Pilates teacher, Carmela, bought me a little gift to say thank you, after all the hassle we had gone through last week with the snow.  This is what she bought me


Aren’t they cute?  The mug is lovely and I can use the tin for some of my sewing notions. It is so appropriate for me “Good Morning, Let The Stress Begin”!!!!  In our house it is like that every morning including the weekends, or so it seems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I will have to make Carmela a mug rug for her home and I will try and get some appropriate fabric, oh a trip to the quilt shop, now what a good idea, he he!!!!!!!!

Must get on with some work now, but more quilting tonight, another block is ready to sew together!!!!

Have a Merry Monday.

Susie xx

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