Happy Weekend and Look At What We Have Got!


Taken at 1.30 this morning!

We went out last night to see our friends, whose Sixtieth Birthdays it was last weekend.  We unfortunately didn’t get to the party due to the weather and the extremely long day at our Swimming event, so we went round last night to see them and take them a small gift and their cards.  

It was great to see them both and when we arrived at our first friend’s house it had begun to snow again, which had been forecast.  However it was not settling as the ground was damp from the thaw which had started during the day.  After an hour and a drink we left and it had begun to settle.  We went to see our second friends and had a drink and a lovely piece of birthday cake with them and caught up on all their news and ours. 

By the time we left their house a couple of inches of snow had settled and DH’s truck was covered!  We made it home, picked up Eldest from Girlfriends house and got back.  We then did the car shuffle!!!!!  Eldest’s goes in the garage, having cleared all the snow off his, then mine goes in front of the garage with DH next to it! 


The snow was quite thick, Treacle thought it was great!

This morning was entertaining getting to swimming as it had also frozen as well.  I was okay with only a couple of skids but at least there was no other traffic around.  DH had to go to a meeting in Chesterfield, further north than us, but the main roads were fine.  After swimming and dropping Eldest off at Girlfriends I managed to get home and get the car back on the drive, parked perfectly I might add, to the applause of our neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is starting to thaw now and rain is forecast for later which might get rid of some more snow.  Why can’t it snow at Christmas? 

Tomorrow is quilting day, yeah.  Hopefully I will have some pictures for you of the progress I have made.

Susie x


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