Monday Morning Feeling!

 Do you ever have one of those days where everything you touch somehow goes wrong?  Well that was yesterday and today!
I was trying to finish my Think Christmas Blog Hop blocks and every time I did something with it, it went wrong!!!!!  Anyway I just have to finish it ( you will see it tomorrow ) and I think it will have to be done afterwards!!!!! Oh well.


Begins Today!
The following ladies are hosting today so hop over and see some lovely Christmas things in July, with lots of inspiration for Christmas Gifts.  There are only 147 days to go before the Big Day! The list is from Santa Lesley’s Blog (  I think it puts the “” because I am in the UK, but Lesley, of course, is in the US!!!!
July 30
Cotton Addiction 
(Kristy let me know late last night that 
she was having some internet connection problems. Please check
back later).

Eldest’s Birthday is at the end of August and usually come September he begins working on his Christmas list.  Youngest has a problem as his Birthday is the beginning of December, so he works on his Birthday and Christmas lists all year, with several revisions in between!!!!!
I would like to thank all my followers who have left me comments over the last few posts.  I usually try and respond directly but the last few days have been so busy, I really have met myself coming back.  Please know that I love reading your comments and making contact.
So hop over and see what all the girls are up to and hop back tomorrow to see what I have been up to.  There will be a Giveaway but no tutorial this time (sorry I just ran out of time!!!)
Have a lovely, peaceful, Quilty Monday
Susie x

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Feeling!

  1. Susie Q

    It's probably because I was watching the Olympics in the first place that things went wrong!!! Watching the TV whilst sewing is not always a good idea!!!! Susie x

  2. Lesley

    Oh my dear, Susie…don't fret! Seam rippers were created for a reason…and I found out I can't watch the Olympics and quilt at the same time…I kept missing important stuff on TV! I actually live in Nova Scotia, Canada! This blog community is just like having everyone in our sewing rooms for a visit… it's all wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your block(s) tomorrow…I know we'll have a great time!

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