Round Up of Last Few Days

Not a very clear picture, as it was very sunny and warm, but this is DH’s new truck for work!  We collected this on Thursday, having done house jobs in the morning.  We were supposed to pick the truck up in the morning but they had to finish getting it ready so we ended up collecting it in the afternoon.  DH is really pleased and as you can see, so is youngest!!!

Again we had a few things to sort out in the morning but headed over to Nottingham for lunch and to pick up some things for our holiday.  Youngest persuaded us to go to the cinema to see Ice Age 4 Continental Drift and it was good.  I just love the characters and the voice Actors are really suited to the animals!!! 
Nottingham, in the Market Square, for the last couple of years have hosted a Beach party and they ship in several tons of sand and water.  Here are a couple of pictures
The Nottingham Council House and The Beach

It is always very popular especially in the sunny weather.
We got back home at around 7.00pm, had some dinner and then settled down to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and you will have already seen my post about that.
The weather was again wonderful so we decided to get the garden sorted before we go away.  We have some shrubs which needed chopping down and starting again and as the weather was so good decided that would be the job as well as weeding.  
Treacle was helping with the branches we cut down

Running around with the large sticks

This is what it looked like when we finished
It’s really warm Mom!

A Boy and his Dog!!!


Hair cut day for The Boys left in the house, and more house jobs, along with watching the Olympics.  I also have to finish a few things up for the Think Christmas Blog Hop which begins tomorrow.  Oh my ears and whiskers; I had better get a move on!!!!!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend where you are.
Susie x

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  1. Linda

    Busy week for everyone.. We are enjoying the Olympics and the glimpses we see of your beautiful country! Visiting London is on my “bucket list.”

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