A Little Bit of Sewing.

I did get a bit of hand sewing done over the weekend, which counts towards my “some sewing/quilting each week right”?  Anyway this was one of the first quilts I made at a workshop, Snail Trail although I know it is called other names too.  Well the original binding I put on was dreadful so I finally got around to taking it off and putting a proper one on and it needed just sewing to the back. 

The workshop was in the November so I used Christmas fabrics and I had some star Christmas fabric left over from another project so bound it in that.

All sewn down to the back. 

I will be doing some different sewing tomorrow as I am making new curtains for our kitchen!    I have not made any for a few years but the ones that are up are quite faded as the window gets a lot of sun during the summer months.  It has taken me ages to find a suitable pattern in a washable cotton fabric and I have finally found it and will show you them when I have done.  I hope I can remember how to sew ordinary square things?!!!!!!

(Picture : The Royal Family Instagram Account : @theroyalfamily)

The above picture shows Her Majesty The Queen Knighting Captain Sir Tom Moore last year.  Captain Moore became a national hero during our first Lockdown by walking around his garden 100 times, as he was celebrating his 100th Birthday, to raise a little bit of money for our NHS.  He thought he would raise around £1,000.  Well his story was reported by the local news, picked up by the national news and by the end of his fundraising he had raised £35m!!!! 

Sadly he went into hospital at the weekend with pneumonia, which he had been fighting for a while and died there today at the grand age of 100. 

Captain Sir Tom Moore

1920 – 2021


Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sewing.

  1. Anonymous

    I read about him in the news today. He must have been quite a lively chap!
    Best of luck with your curtains. Your quilt looks lovely!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    What a striking quilt! I love the fabrics! Have fun making your curtains. We can’t wait to see them hung in place!
    What a wonderful man and he had a nice long life. RIP, Sir Tom♥

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