The Wednesday Wag.

This morning when I went out first thing it was very, very cold on my paws!  We had the first frost of the Autumn/Winter! Daddy and the Boys were scraping their windows this morning.

Last night Daddy and the Boys were out and about until late dealing with car things so Mom and I snuggled up in bed as it was so cold and we were watching TV.

Mom and I were watching spooky films which have been on because it was Hallowe’en last week!  I do have to shut my eyes at some of the scenes though!!!!!!

It is going to be cool during the rest of the week but no rain, after last week when it rained almost every day!

Apparently we are in for another Lockdown from tomorrow but that just means hopefully that Daddy and the Boys will be around more but I still have Mom at home anyway, I suppose she will do!!!!!

I hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    I hope you get some snow this winter so you can enjoy getting your paws cold, Treacle!! We haven’t had frost here yet (humidity is really low) but the nights are dipping below freezing, so going out in the mornings isn’t a high point of the day here!! Stay warm and cuddled up with mom!!


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