My Netflix Watching.

As promised I thought I would let you know what I have been watching recently and during Lockdown.   I tend to like mysteries and science fiction but also some whodunits as well.  Here we go:



No introduction for this show.  The Crown has been really good and the latest series was out last year.


This is like a Stephen King novel.  An Island which is cut off from the rest of the World being overrun by vengeful Ghosts.


A group of nerds come together to solve problems no one else can, overseen by a Homeland Security Agent and an ex waitress who can understand the real world and interpret it for the nerds, whilst they help her with her genius son.


Getting into the right college is hard enough, getting into the right fraternity even harder but so much more when it is a secret magical society and you want to get revenge on them.


No need probably to introduce this, it is my favourite version of Pride & Prejudice, I have it on DVD as well!!!  Colin Firth as Mr Darcy!!!!


Always been a fan of the Star Trek shows, since I watched the original with my Dad!!!  So this version Discovery goes off in a different direction but still as good.


Whilst on Science Fiction, Altered Carbon is definitely up there!  New series just out and following on from the first series.  In this world no one dies, they have created a computer component called a Stack where your memories and mind is stored and if your body “Sleeve” dies you just get another. 



This is the series based upon the film “Mindhunter” about how the Behavioural Analysis Unit was first established in the FBI.  It is not for the faint hearted and some of it can be hard to watch.  They do use actual information from serial killers but it is very interesting. 



A normal family except the parents are monster hunters which the rest of the world don’t realise exist!  The children don’t know what their parents do until the two worlds collide.


Three misfits two in the local Whitechapel police force and one expert on the Ripper chasing cases in modern London but still attached to the Ripper cases!



Haven’t watched this yet but it is on my list to do so.  Hoping it will live up to all the hype around it!!!


The Expanse is on Amazon and Season 4 has just dropped.  Again Science Fiction but I like the way it plays out.  There is now a colony on the Moon and another on Mars and then there is The Belt and all of them are at war with each other.  Then an alien presence is felt and turns them all upside down, only the crew of the Rocinante can help.


No need to really introduce this either!  The series has now ended but the film came out last year.  The intrigue of a Country house above and below stairs, the modern version of “Upstairs, Downstairs” a TV show from the 1970’s! 


Game of Thrones ish with Geralt of Riva being the last of his kind hunting monsters although the villagers seem to want to hunt him more!!! 


Mom and children move back to the family home her husband left many years before after he is killed.  The Youngest finds a key, a very special key which doesn’t just open doors, if opens doors to other places.  Then more keys start to appear which do all sorts of different things. However someone else wants the keys.  Series 1 completed and Series 2 has just been ordered.


Science Fiction again.  I liked the original series so many years ago and the film but this new version is very good.  It is the same story but diverges about the lost bit.  Well worth a watch.

Those have been my favourites so far!!!  I hope you have found something you might like in them but as I say my taste is leaning slighting to the weird!!!!!

Another sunny day here so having worked this morning I will be doing jobs again this afternoon.  DH and Eldest went out early this morning to deliver some parts which are urgently needed and will be back later. 


Your Daily Treacle!!!! 

Happy Thursday everyone, stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “My Netflix Watching.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Mom is very particular about the shows that she watches. We live alone and we don’t want to start hearing strange things in the middle of the night☺ You are such a beauty, Treacle, and I see your tennis ball!

  2. farmquilter

    I’m kinda with Molly’s mom…I have enough with things going bump in the night!! Although I tend to watch true crime on TV…mostly murders!! Other than that, I’m watching HGTV and a couple of old British comedies on Saturday nights. No streaming services here, but I did pass some of your suggestions on to my girls who have those services. Gloomy and rainy here today with another storm rolling in for Easter weekend.

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