Well January has left us and the weather has been up and down, quite grey but no snow!!!!!  There are signs of Spring, however, in the garden with all the bulbs pushing their way through the wet soil!!!  That’s of course the ones the Squirrels have left us!!!!


Very busy and quite frustrating week and weekend but I won’t go into that!!!  DH and I are off to Scotland tomorrow for the next three days on Business again so hoping that the weather will be kind.  Eldest is still at home recovering from his shoulder injury but he is off to the Physio tomorrow morning, fortunately he can now drive.  He is kindly looking after Treacle for us as Youngest is away for the week training!!!  It is all go in our Home!!!!

We are hoping to collect Youngest’s new car at the end of this week and there are changes on the Home front with Eldest’s room which I will hopefully be able to show you next week.  Next weekend we have home jobs to do which have not got done previously and on Saturday evening we have a business dinner to go to!

Have a wonderful week.  Pictures of Scotland at the end of the week too!

Hugs, Susie xx


You come home on Saturday after spending a few hours with friends to find Eldest Technician son has dismantled the piano to see how it works!!!!!!!


Treacle:  I am NOT coming downstairs whilst you have my brush in your hand!

2 thoughts on “February.

  1. farmquilter

    Have a lovely time in Scotland!! So, Eldest discovered that the piano is a percussive instrument with mallets that strike the strings!! Did he try to change the tuning as well? Do boys ever really stop taking things apart to figure them out? Definitely a sign of intelligence, though 🙂 Hope this week is less filled with boulders in the roadway for you all!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    You are sure having a time of it, Miss Susie!
    I side-step mom when I see my comb in her hand because I know what’s coming next, Treacle☺ We hope you find time to have some fun in Scotland!

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