Rainy Tuesday!

Well after a few days of cold but sunny weather we are now back to the rain!!!  It is so dark at lunch that all the lights are on!!!  Anyway so many of you loved the Chatsworth pictures and it really was a lovely evening.  Saturday DH and I took a trip down memory lane and went to have Lunch on the Steam Train at Great Central Railway.  We always took the Boys there to see Santa at this time of year and also, as they got older, for lunch on the train. Here are the pictures from the day.  Warning picture heavy post again!!!


The entrance hall which is all wood.


The old fashioned post box in the entrance hall.


The picture above and below is of the small ticket office where the staion master would take the tickets.


The Santa Steam Train on Platform 1.


Waiting to go.


Our Train was waiting on Platform 2.


The Steam Train pulling our train.


The Porters Office.


The other Santa Special coming in.


Platform 2 dressed for Christmas.


Timetable from Nottingham Victoria Station which sadly is no longer there.


After a lovely lunch we walked to the end of the train and there was a veranda at the end of this carriage.


Starting to drop dark.  This is the water tower.


This is the Guards house at the end of the track.


It was lovely to be back there as we have spent many happy days there with the Boys. Tomorrow I will show you what we did on Saturday evening.

Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Rainy Tuesday!

  1. farmquilter

    I love traveling by train!! When I went to England, we took the train from London to Lincoln. The express trains are a bit scary when we would meet one going the other way…they are going so fast!!! I don’t remember where we switched to a local train, but the speeds were much more conducive to seeing the countryside. What fun to get to have lunch on the train, especially an older model that has exquisite details!


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