Christmas is Coming Fast!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  DH and I were away in Edinburgh for two days on Wednesday and Thursday of last week and then the weekend rushed up on us and Monday and Tuesday flew by and here we are a week later and oh boy is Christmas rusing headlong towards us!!!

So I will do this in order!  Tuesday I went to the flower show with Fiancé’s Mom and it was a lovely evening and some stunning displays that were raffled for the charity, Blood Bikers.  Mel and I decided that we did not want to win one as they were enormous and we were worried about getting them home in the car!!!!

Jonathan Moseley was really entertaining keeping a running commentary going whilst doing these huge floral designs.

Wednesday and Thursday we were travelling for business and it was quite cold in Scotland but dry for a change although there had been some snow! 

We stayed at the hotel right next to the new bridge in Edinburgh.  It was a great room and for once there was a table for DH to work at and a dressing table which surprisingly few hotels seem to have these days!!!

This was the view in the morning at sunrise and I also saw a man working beneath the bridge in a harness.  It did not look comfortable!!!

We visited the customers in the morning and then headed home and stopped at a lovely old Mill for lunch.


The Mill and the river next to it.


Friday I caught up on work and home jobs and the washing of course and in the evening it was the Christmas Light Switch on in our village and, of course, DH was announcing!!!!  We had a lovely few hours despite all the rain!!!!


After we had cleared up our friends Pat and Alan came round for dinner.  It was a lovely evening and launched the Christmas festivities.

Saturday DH was busy with announcing duties but this time for the Samoyeds, they were very cute and fluffy and quite different to the Rotties the previous week.


Ready and waiting.


These two pictures are the puppies.


This is the winner!

Whilst DH was out I took the opportunity of clearing up the sewing room and then wrapped all the Christmas presents!!!  I will show you some pictures tomorrow.  Sunday DH helped me with the extra cleaning before we decorate for Christmas.

Monday I spent the day working and Treacle was keeping me company in the Den as it was, yet again, another wet and horrible day!!!  Yesterday I sneaked the day and went over to Nottingham to get the final gifts and have a look at the Christmas decorations!!!  Again I will show you some pictures later in the week.  This morning I have been working and this afternoon I have been making the mince pies!!!! IMG_3233

First lot of the pastry ready for cutting


The first thirty six done and cooling!

The last meeting on the Wednesday in Aberdeen was at a local restaurant and whilst DH was busy I was having a look round and found these in the cabinet!


Huge Christmas cakes made at the restaurant!!! 

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and in the afternoon I will try and get the cheesy stars made.  Friday I have a few more errands to run and I am hoping to make the Christmas cookies.  DH is announcing tomorrow and Friday evening for the Christmas light switch on in Long Eaton and Ilkeston and Saturday he is busy again with a friend’s daughters 18th Party and Youngest is going along to help.  Sunday he is then announcing Santa’s arrival at an event!!! At some point we will get the tree and decorations done!!!!!!


Treacle has been busy helping me all day and has just got in her basket for a quick rest before her dinner!!!!

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming Fast!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    The flower arrangements are just beautiful and that man in the harness underneath the bridge is braver than brave! The Sammy’s are so cute and fluffy and your baking looks so delicious, Miss Susie. Mom has already started decorating for Christmas. You know how she loves the lights when standard time returns.

  2. farmquilter

    I need to get the outside Christmas lights up soon, but it has been cold here the last few days – we even had a skiff of snow this morning. Those flowers look amazing but would definitely be difficult to get home. You are always so busy!! Your baking looks amazing…is there really meat in minced meat pies? Not a tradition I grew up with! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I am trying to get a little dinner ready for us. Glad you are just busy!!!

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