Hello December & Advent.


The final month of 2018 and the start of Advent.  Also the headlong rush to Christmas Day, although I am determined, as I have through the whole of this year, not to get stressed about it all and take each day as it comes.  Also enjoy the Festive Season so hopefully I don’t arrive on Christmas Eve tired, stressed and want the whole thing to be over!!!  I am sure some of you can relate to that!!!

Our tree is going up today and we will be decorating our home too, can’t wait.  I love doing this.  Also getting some more jobs done towards the Big Day.

Don’t forget there is my Christmas Planner on my side bar from last year with hints and tips of how to pull Christmas together, which you can download and use.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy First Day of Advent.

Hugs, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and Treacle xxxxx silhouette-1314467_1920


2 thoughts on “Hello December & Advent.

  1. farmquilter

    Enjoy decorating with your boys!! Still November here for 5 more minutes!! Funny to think we are in separate months and soon you’ll be in 2019 and I’ll still be in 2018!!! Enjoy your weekend!!


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