Easter Wednesday Wag!


Mom found this picture of when I was dressed for the village Carnival but she says if she can find the hat in the attic at the weekend I can use it as my Easter Bonnet;  I hope she doesn’t find it!!!!!


Mom is working very hard at keeping me clean and tidy as my fur is quite long at the moment.  She has not wanted to book a spa day for me as it has been so cold and it is due to be cold tonight again and of course she has not been driving as well although Dad said he would take me.  Here is a picture of me having just been brushed and Mom says I look like a teddy bear!!!


Of course Mom says it does not take me more than five minutes to look like a scruffy mutt again!!!  I am quite happy sleeping in my basket whilst the weather is still cold and rainy.


I am only going to move if there is a biscuit in my near future!!!!


Nope, no biscuit so sleep mode resumed!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Woofy Easter and a very happy Woofy Day.



3 thoughts on “Easter Wednesday Wag!

  1. Maga

    I hope you mum finds your hat Treacle because you look very fetching in a hat and who wouldn’t love an Easter bonnet. BTW I don’t think you look like a teddy – you look just like a very well kempt Airedale and ready for an outing. Hope you get some sun to bask in soon


  2. farmquilter

    I’m with you, Treacle! I hate it when mom puts clothes on me…thankfully they don’t make hats small enough (and if they do, just keep your trap shut!). I have on a fur coat, why do I need more?? I like your longer fur…how long would it get if mom just let nature take its course? At least neither of us look like a Puli!!!


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