A Quilty Weekend!


I actually managed to do some quilting on Worldwide Quilting Day, now don’t faint!!  I actually started a little later than planned due to trying to sort something out for the swimming club (!) but in the end decided I could do nothing about it and sent a couple of emails in annoyance and then abandoned my desk for my sewing machine!

I have a few quick projects which I need to do so choose one of those instead of trying to sort out something big, including the applique when I realised I needed to get some supplies for it.  So here is what I have made


Usually we are away over the Easter Holidays in Scotland with The Boys and Girlfriend but as they are all busy with college and university work as they are all in their final years, DH and I decided not to go. Normally I would do an Easter Egg Hunt (usually indoors as the weather is a bit unpredictable) and despite their ages now they still love it.  So as we will be at home and not everyone around first thing on Easter Sunday I have made them these Quilted Easter Bags which I will fill with their eggs!  When The Boys were little they had some chocolate but their main gift was always a book which they loved and we have continued to do this. 


A closeup of one of the bags.




I decided to add ribbons sewn to the back and then tied to keep the eggs in.


I am not sure The Boys will use them for anything else afterwards but I think Girlfriend will as they are always handy for storing things in.


As you can see we had more of this at the weekend!  I closed the curtains on Saturday evening where it was just a few flakes and it wasn’t really settling to everywhere being covered by the time we went to bed!  Treacle was quite happy!  I love snow but even I am getting fed up with it now and long for some warmer weather and Spring!  The Groundhog did a real number on us this year by predicting six more weeks of winter as it must have been eight by now!!!!


Needless to say this was Treacle’s favourite spot over the weekend whilst I was sewing.  I know the pictures all look the same but she is always with me when I am sewing!!  She loves Eldest’s bed and because the room is slightly smaller than the others it is always warm!!!

It is another busy week with work things and swimming things and Boys things but what else is new?  I have a list of things which need doing so my next project will be our Friends wedding anniverary gift as I have four weeks to get that done and then there is this applique block to do (!) and then my super secret quilt to sort and get started.  I still have to sort the back of our summer quilt as that needs amending and then get that quilted.  I also still need to get my machine serviced and was hoping to get that done after the summer quilt but obviously other things have taken over, but I will arrange to get it done soon.

I hope if you are a Quilter you managed to get something done this weekend and everyone else had a wonderful Weekend.  I am busy also sorting my Spring Cleaning Planner out for you, so stay tuned.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “A Quilty Weekend!

  1. farmquilter

    Yay for sewing on International Quilting Weekend!! I actually did some myself – I have the blocks finished for a Quilt of Valor – totally shocking! At home today I am missing my guild’s annual Quilt Til You Wilt, where 15 ladies host about 100 quilters from 6 AM until midnight! Potluck lunch and leftovers for dinner, mini classes, demonstrations, games and lots of sew (with loads of laughter and chatter thrown in) are the order of the day. I do miss home and all that goes on there, but I’m not looking forward to the event that will happen before it is possible. You are doing well in your recovery from your surgery??

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