The Christmas Wednesday Wag 2!


Welcome to Week 2 of The Wednesday Wag.  There are hopefully going to be some pictures and possibly a video of me in the snow at the weekend but it may be a bit later, because Mom says she has discovered a new species!


This new species is called “EMC” and is a sloth like creature.  It does not appear from its layer until about 11.00am and when it does it goes straight to its food source.  Now obviously most species are up and have had their breakfast way before this but not the “EMC”.  It makes itself a huge bowl of cerel with cold milk and also its dinner from the night before (tuna fish bake and peas), eating both meals at once.  It then returns to its layer to digest its meals before any thought of cleaning itself or doing any of the jobs it promised its mother it would do!!!!!!!!!!

(For all of you who are now thoroughly confused the “EMC” is my Eighteen year old Man/Child known as Youngest – but all the rest of it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The above picture is from the Look4ward website and is actually an octopus who lives at extreme depths which sort of also resembles Youngest – MOM!)

Mom says hopefully Youngest will send her the pictures and video of me in the snow and she will be able to add them on later. 

I hope you are having a lovely Woofy Christmas Wednesday, I am dreaming of Santa Paws leaving me some lovely Presents on Christmas.

Woof, Treacle

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Wednesday Wag 2!

  1. farmquilter

    Youngest is on Winter Break (we used to call it Christmas vacation!!) and hasn’t yet needed to learn that the “chores” of life – like getting up at a “normal” time and doing the jobs requested by mom (or the other significant person in his life) – continue to need to be done! I remember those years…and the rather abrupt and painful realization that only as long as I remained in school did I get school holidays!! The 1-2 weeks of vacation, with the odd 3-day weekend thrown in, were what most adults had to deal with, oh dear! But now I get to live in permanent vacation mode, known as retirement!! Tell Youngest to start planning for his retirement now so he can save/invest enough that when he gets there he can do what he wants, when he wants – it’s a beautiful thing!!! LOL

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