A Commission!

DSC03998I have my first commission!  To make a quilt for DH’s cousin’s first Grandchild, a little girl!  The baby is due at the end of May so I have plenty of time to get organised.  Granddad is from Sweden so their only request was to incorporate some fabric from the Moomin range, which their girls grew up with.


I managed to find some on Etsy and have ordered it and when it arrives I am going to take it to the quilt store to match some of the colours!  I think I may be doing the pattern above as it lends itself to having the Moomin fabric as the central piece and to make a feature of it.  Well that’s the plan at the moment!!!!! 

Needless to say I didn’t get anything done in Eldest’s/Quilt Room 🙁 nor did I get the quilts basted as I was busy catching up on house jobs and two basket loads of ironing!   I am hoping to some things done in the evenings this week.

We had a little flurry of snow on Sunday but not enough for Treacle to play in, and it didn’t last and was gone by the evening!

DSC05156We took Youngest go-karting for his Birthday before Christmas but unfortunately it was cut short as the track was becoming slippy, so on Friday we took him and seven friends for a return match, especially as they had all finished their mock exams.  They had a great evening and Youngest came third in the race they had between them!  We ended up at McDonalds for tea, which they all enjoyed too!

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “A Commission!

  1. farmquilter

    Love the orange sherbet quilt and it will look great with the Moomin range fabric! A commission…does that mean you will get paid for it?? You got snow, we got rain and it melted most of our snow…boo! Hubby went to Montana with his cousin and some friends yesterday to go snowmobiling in the mountains – he had a blast but came home exhausted and the drive home was done in pouring rain and fog. Have your boys tried snowmobiling? They would love it!

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