Throwback Thursday!

IMG_0195Eldest on His Tenth Birthday!

IMG_1883Youngest on his Tenth Birthday!

I thought I would show you pictures of when they were Ten as Eldest will be celebrating his Twentieth at the end of August!  Somehow Youngest looks younger than Eldest in the pictures!!!!  Just shows that although they are brothers they have their very own personalities.  And we love them to bits.

DSC04526Treacle is making the most of the sunshine today and tomorrow as the weekend is set for heavy rain and cold again! 😦  She is also booked into her Spa for a much needed haircut and wash, but I could not get her in until a week tomorrow.  Obviously all the doggies, or their owners, have had the same idea!!!!!

I am car-less today as it is in for its MOT and service so DH is chauffeur today! However he is abandoning me after lunch to drive to Aberdeen to see a customer and he will be staying overnight!  

However if it is going to be raining over the weekend it is the perfect excuse to be able to quilt, as I can’t possibly get into the garden!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Summer Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

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