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Indian Summer for a Few Days.


We are having a few days of Indian Summer again with the temperatures up around Summer levels, although it drops cool quite quickly once the sun has gone behind the trees.

Don’t tell anyone but I shirked work this afternoon to get my little grow house the wood stained and protected before any bad weather!!!  I cannot believe how many small bits of wood there are on it to stain and it took me all afternoon, fortunately the sun was warm and it dried quickly.


Of course Madam was outside with me and whilst my back was turned was being very naughty!  Over Winter I put away my outdoor drying line as there is no way washing will dry when it is very cold and damp (not that it stops our neighbour hanging out her washing every day and then bringing it in again as wet or wetter than it went out!!! I just don’t understand it!!!!).  Anyway we did this last year and then “lost” the hole where it fits into, as the grass had grown over it.  DH came up with the idea of a piece of wood and a plastic plant pot upside down so we know where it is.


As you can see, I now just have the stick as someone pulled the plant pot off and was running round the garden with it!!! This is because her football that she keeps outside was thrown away on Sunday as it was in a very bad way and starting to lose bits of it and I have not had chance to get her a new one yet, so that will be one of tomorrow’s jobs.


This is after I had brought her in and explained that it was not a good idea to destroy the plant pots and Daddy will not be happy!  I am also going to get a terracotta small pot to replace the plastic one as she won’t want to run around with that!!!

Our tree’s leaves are starting to turn a beautiful orange colour now and beginning to fall.  So although we have warm temperatures there are definite signs of Autumn progressing.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Musings.


Remember this baby quilt?  Well the baby who it is for has arrived!  Ivy May Bishop was born last Saturday and weighed in at 8lb 2oz, Mom and Baby are doing well.  I will hopefully get some pictures when Grandma and Granddad get back from The Netherlands. 

We had a great time at Goose Fair on Friday and Saturday DH and I ran some errands and then he was out at a swimming event so I was busy trying to finish the other baby quilt.  I am now sewing the binding on.

Yesterday the weather was good although cool so we got the front garden tidy and gave some of the plants a hair cut (!) and did a few things in the back garden.  This week the temperatures during the day are going to be warm again, Wednesday being the hottest at 22°C!!  I want to get my little growing house and the shed and the Boys Den re-stained so may sneak the day if it is going to be that warm and get those jobs done.

Here are some pictures of the garden as it settles into Autumn and will hopefully do well going through Winter, although they are still forecasting a very cold one!


The large pots on the step have my daffodils in so we just put some violas in until they start to grow and put some other Winter plants in the other two pots.


Treacle loves it when we are outside in the garden with her, just getting her in is the problem!!


Below is the other side of the patio.  We need to trim some of the plants here but it will wait now until Spring.


Our Dogwood is really beginning to stand out next to the variegated Holly, which this year has berries on!


The Hardy Fuchsia still flowering despite it being cool.


Come on Mom it’s dinner time, stop taking pictures!

I have been at my desk all day today clearing up hundreds of emails and sorting other things out.  Tomorrow I have some errands to run and no doubt more work!!!

I hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s The Weekend!



Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone.  This is how it looks today and the weather people got the forecast right for once.  It is cool today and heavy rain and that has meant a lot of the leaves have started to fall.

We went to Goose Fair last night and it was dry and quite mild and so we were lucky we decided to go then and not tonight.  Here are the pictures, there are quite a few!!!!


The Big Wheel and a very tall whirling thing!


Not the same if there isn’t a Helter Skelter there.


The only ride DH and I go on!!!  Used to be called The Twister but it stays level and just flings you about, unlike some of the new rides where they go vertical and then swing you around!!!


Youngest and Girlfriend waiting to go on the Waltzers.


The Giant Wheel where the view from the top is amazing but as you can imagine the queues for this were very long.


Girlfriend and Youngest on another ride, which was not so successful as they felt the bars holding them down were not that safe, so they were glad to get off!!!!!


All the stalls to try to win something, Youngest got Girlfriend a teddy of the “Catch a Snowman” stall!


My favourite ride of all time, The Galloping Horses but no one would go on with me!!!!



The Fun House and the music constantly playing?  Grease!!!!

It was a great evening and Girlfriend really enjoyed it as she had never been before!  We got home about 9.00pm and had fish and chips for dinner, another treat and tradition!


Treacle’s not happy today as she has to stay indoors as it is pouring with rain!  Don’t worry Treacle tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better.

Have a Wonderful Day.

Hugs, Susie xx

Goose Fair 1900

Goose Fair 1900 in The Old Market Square, Nottingham. (Credit: The Paul Nix Collection)



Good Morning everyone and Happy October!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  DH and I were busy Friday evening with a few bits of work/swimming etc and then he and Youngest went coaching on Saturday morning, before dropping Youngest at the train station.


We went to the Ploughing Match which was mostly completed by the time we got there but there were still a lot of tractors, horses and steam engines around.


The steam engine at our end winding the plough down the furrow.


Here are the men moving the plough to the next furrow.


Off it goes.


A very gentle way of ploughing!


We got there in time to see the carriage driving in the main arena, so we found a hay bale to sit on and had some lunch and watched the different classes.

Next in the ring were the Rockwood Dog Training School display team.  All the dogs are rescues and go to the school to help overcome various issues and do the agility as part of that process.  They were great fun to watch.


This year it is 100 years of the end of World War I, or The Great War, and there are quite a few celebrations happening around the country leading up to Remembrance Sunday on November 11th.  Here there was a display of how the Cavalry and Infantry would have looked in WWI and also a replica tank.


WWI replica tank Deborah II coming into the Arena.


The Cavalry getting ready to charge.



The Cavalry Officer in charge with the Infantry.  This gentleman was not only riding and taking part but also commentated on every aspect during the whole presentation!

After this DH and I walked round the exhibits and the animal & produce shows.

We had a great day and the weather was amazing, bright sunshine with a breeze and a little warmth. 

In the evening it was our friends 50th Anniversary party and another lovely evening celebrating with them.  The band was good too.

Yesterday the weather was cloudy but cool so DH and I got the final jobs done in the garden before Winter, so it has been “put-to-bed”!!!!  Just need to do some sorting out of the little bit of front garden we have, trimming a few of the plants and then it is all done!!!  We have been so lucky with the weather this year and having planned what to do managed to get it all done.  I must say it looks great and I will show you some pictures tomorrow. 


Treacle was busy helping all day yesterday and is now snoozing in her basket next to my desk!!  Too much fresh air for her!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Summer, it’s great.

We are having a lovely summer, even if the temperatures are up there.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Treacle yesterday afternoon lying in the shade under the tree which is in the middle of our lawn.


I was taking a picture of Youngest dressed in his suit for the Sixth Form Ball but I am not allowed to put it on the Blog 😦  Treacle was most upset I was not taking a picture of her so she stood in front of me until I took her picture!!!


She has spent three hours at her Spa this morning and this is what she looks like now. 


I got them to go very short on her legs and beard because it is so hot and I really don’t care about the Airedale cut in this weather for her, it’s what is most comfortable for her and as we know her fur will always grow again.  She looks so much happier now outside.  I just love her ears, they always remind me of a bat (I don’t know why!!!!)

Here is a collection of our flowers which we are managing to keep alive at the moment watering them at night when the sun has gone down.


I just cannot believe how blue the sky is at the moment with not a cloud in the sky.  When I was driving to fetch Treacle from the Spa is was 83°F in the car, fortunately Treacle was not in the car too long and I had the air conditioning going full blast.  A friend the other day said that she went out in her car and drove around no where in particular just so she could be in the cool air of her car!!!


Fortunately this bit of our patio is cool even with the sun out as we have the big table umbrella up.


It’s not a very clear picture but I caught this bee on the lavender being very busy, it is a Red-tailed Bumblebee.  They are so cute.

House jobs to do today and tonight is Wild, Wet & Wacky where the teenagers get to compete at different games on the park in teams and it includes a lot of water, foam and general silliness.  I don’t like the event as one year I was down there this boy broke his leg and I heard it go so the whole thing freaks me out!!  DH is down there compering again and playing music while the games are on!!!  Youngest is out at the Sixth Form Ball with his Girlfriend.  Tomorrow it is set up day for the park for Saturday and in the evening DH is commentating on a new event for Carnival, Little Eaton Cake Off!!!!! 

I won’t be going to the Carnival on Saturday as DH is always busy as he is Event Director and Youngest will be busy as he is a Marshal for the day and I don’t think I want to walk around for that length of time.  Although my hip is fine I still get tired and achy after a long day and with the heat, I am going to stay at home and quilt.


Really enjoying the matches at Wimbledon this year, although a lot of the seeds have been knocked out already.  It is also the British F1 at the weekend so another busy sporting weekend and although we are not into football (the boys hated it) there is the England match at 3.00pm.  We think this may have an impact on visitors to Carnival and the last time it happened the park emptied as everyone left to go home and watch the match, although it did mean that we got cleared up early!!!  There is always a positive to these things!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx



It is another scorcher with top temps of 27°C today, it really is lovely but obviously you have to be very careful in the sun.  Treacle is loving it but she is spending so much time outside that she is so, so tired.  In fact she has been in her basket this afternoon whilst I have been working to try and catch up on her sleep!!!



The sky is just so blue!


Obviously one of the things with this weather is making sure the plants have a good water every evening when the sun has gone down so they can survive and our grass is starting to look quite brown because of all the sun.  It is to remain like this until the end of the week and then perhaps some rain at the weekend, of course when everyone is home from work and school!!!


You can’t see the heat haze, but at 12.00 Noon it was so hot it was almost painful to look outside.


The door onto the patio.


Our plants are still doing okay with us watering each night before bed.


Our vegetable basket is doing okay as it does have a little shade.


Our table, chairs and bench under our umbrella so we are able to eat outside and also take our drinks outside!


“Sorry Mom did you say it was biscuit time?  I am so tired I really don’t know what to do with myself”!!!!!!

I am trying to keep our home cool and as you can see we have a tiled floor which stays cool and I open the windows first thing in the morning when it is cooler and keep our curtains and blinds shut all day and mostly it works but today the atmosphere is hot too.  I think we are all going to have a sticky night’s sleep!  Treacle kept getting up in the night last night and moving around trying to find a cool spot and then getting back in her basket which creaks!!!  So I kept waking up again!!!!  Oh boy!

I have not got any quilting done as I am waiting for DH’s help to sandwich and pin the two quilts, but I am going to start quilting our summer quilt.  It is quite big so it will take a while to get it done.

I did get all the ironing done yesterday before it got too hot which was a relief but I must have drunk a couple of gallons of water doing it, tee hee!!!!  Well certainly a lot of water.  I keep refreshing Treacle’s water bowls inside and out trying to keep her cool. 

DH is out most of this evening with meetings and Youngest is out too so I think it will definitely be a quilting evening.

I forgot to tell you about our weekend clear out of the garage.  The weather was good on Saturday so we decided to start at 11.00am with the garage and any rubbish was going in the back of DH’s truck.  It took us four hours to get that done but decided that we should carry on with our room off.  I ask DH to store things in the room for me and then it just gets to a point where I haven’t used them or needed them so they can go.  This room has shelves around it so we just started at the left hand side and worked our way round.  A lot of DH’s things just needed tidying and putting together in one place so it was a good opportunity to do this and also get rid of things too. 

After ten hours we had finished and DH’s truck was full! We did get it all done in one day and it looks great now and I can also find things rather than trying to search for stuff.  We took everything to the re-cycling centre on Sunday morning and it took us half an hour to empty the truck again!!!

One down and now just the attic to do!!!  Although this is going to take a lot longer because if the Boys are helping, and I am guilty of this too, getting distracted by what is coming out!!!!  We will have to do this job in September or October when it is a lot cooler than now as the attic is like an oven when the weather is this hot. 

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Derbyshire Hotter Than The Sahara.


Today in Derbyshire it is going to be hotter than the Sahara Desert! SO I have a week’s worth of ironing to get done which is why I started at 6.30am to try and get it all done before the temperature goes off the chart!!!!



I will be back later to let you know how I got on or I will be in a puddle somewhere!!!!

Hot Hugs, Susie xx