Friday Yeah!

Well we have made it to Friday after another busy week working and not doing much else!!!  We have a busy weekend ahead as well and Sunday evening I have my first vaccine jab booked!  DH had his last week. 

DH and The Boys are busy tomorrow playing cars (!) Youngest has bought himself a project car now so they are going to be moving it to where he will be working on it, which gives me the excuse to do my quilting.  I have a few projects to finish and another quilt to quilt and I need to get on with the Memory Quilt I have been asked to do which will be more preparation than anything else.  The weather is supposed to be dull and grey again but at least dry for the car movers and I won’t feel guilty quilting if the weather is not good when I should be gardening!!!


2 thoughts on “Friday Yeah!

  1. farmquilter

    Winter’s icy grip is loosening here as well, with the days getting warmer and the nights not getting so cold. We’ve not had a hard winter in my little corner of the world and winter is still hanging on to the east of me. I’m looking forward to moving the clocks forward so there is light later in the evenings…wish we could just leave the clock there!! Your garden looked wonderful last summer and I hope you can get away from the lockdowns soon. Some states here have done away with all restrictions, everything opening 100% and no mask requirement but the state but the businesses can decide for themselves if they require them. What kind of project car did Youngest buy? Where will he work on it – I don’t think your garage has room for another one!?!

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