Wednesday Really?!!!

The Wednesday Wag.

It is blooming cold at the moment so my door is not open all day for me to run in and out as normal so I am spending my days in my basket next to Mom’s desk!!!!  It is not normally this cold at this time of year and guess what?  Mom has booked me in for a Spa day next Wednesday!!!! I mean really?!!!!!!!    I am really hoping that we are going to get some warm Spring weather soon.


Tuesday disappered in a cloud of work and I did actually get an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair coloured and cut!!!  So I don’t look like the above any more!!

It was announced yesterday that Molly and Jacob have both made the Olympic GB Team for swimming!!!  To make the team is a great achievement and we wish them the best of luck in Tokoyo.  Molly went to the last Olympics but this will Jacob’s first time and what a trip for a sixteen year old.


I watched the funeral of HRH Prince Philip and here are some stills of the day.  Although cold it really was a stunning day with the sun shining.

The Bands playing on the Inner Courtyard. The Land Rover specially designed by Prince Philip to carry his coffin.

The Royal Marine Band marching through the George IV Gateway to the Inner Courtyard.

St George’s Chapel.

The Royal Family waiting to walk behind the coffin.

The Round Tower.

The Queen and her Lady in Waiting leave the Church to return to the private apartments.

The Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke of Sussex, The Duke of Cambridge, The Princess Royal and The Dean of Windsor, David Conner.

The Royal Family walk back up the hill to the main part of Windsor Castle.


At the weekend, which is three days, DH and I will be painting our dining room and getting other jobs done.  The weather is not supposed to be very good but this is not a surprise as it is a Bank Holiday and it always rains on Bank Holidays in the UK.  At least we are doing inside jobs.  I hope your week is going well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Really?!!!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Our day is too warm today, Treacle. We are sending lots and lots of warming breezes your way.
    Congratulations to Molly and Jacob! This is wonderful news 🙂
    We did see the funeral on TV for Prince Philip here and it was a beautiful service.

  2. farmquilter

    I drove 13 hours to get home to see hubby – first time in over 4 years!! I’m freezing (and froze last night too as the temp in the house was only 63) but don’t want to look to see how cold it is here this morning! I have a down comforter wrapped around my shoulders and a quilt over my lap/legs, with just my hands and face out in the cold…and my fingers are freezing already. How am I going to deal with this full time?? Maybe I just need to move to Texas where it is much warmer (and I’d be closer to my grands!!)?? How can I get hubby to move with?? All his grands are here!! Ugh! Enjoy your week and getting the dining room painted! Hope the weather gets warmer after Treacle has her spa day!! My hair is now down to my bum…so I fit the picture you showed!!

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