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House, Garden you name it, its in here!

Scotland Trip.

DH and I went up to Edinburgh again for business last week.  Here in Derbyshire the weather was warm and sunny, in Edinburgh cold and grey!!!!  I managed to get a few pictures whilst we travelled between customer visits.


The road which leaves England behind and Scotland ahead, looking towards Edinburgh and the coast.


We ended up driving through Edinburgh around the back streets avoiding traffic where you come across some fantastic buildings.


Fantastic bay windows and you would not know you were 1800 Edinburgh except for the security cameras!!!!!


Lots of the buildings have turrets and some of which are actual, if not tiny, rooms beneath the turret!


A wonderful selection of old buildings which lead to Edinburgh Castle except for the modern carbuncle to the right in the picture which looks like a car showroom!  Whichever planning authority allowed that needs their heads examining!!!!


Driving down the main road in Edinburgh the view is dominated by the Scott Monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott.  You can see how grey the day was.


We also had to go to Glasgow and stayed there overnight before returning to Edinburgh.  This is the view from our hotel room and the huge crane is a permanent monument to the great shipbuilding on the Clyde River.


The Armadillo which is an event space.


One of many old buildings in Glasgow probably once connected to the ship building industry.


Several little towns have very ornate towers for their council offices.


Travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh with a small break in the clouds.

It was a good two days for business and nice to be in the area again.  Just a shame that we were not able to carry on further North to where we holiday!!!  Ah well we will be doing that soon!!!!

Still trying to get things organised at home and tidying up areas which have not been done in a while prior to us starting the Spring Cleaning!!!  We have decided to get a skip over the Easter period so that we can get rid of rubbish which will be easier than keep going to the local tip.  We also have boxes ready for donations to charity shops and things to re-purpose and of course things to go back into the attic which will be all clean and tidy when we do.  Well that’s the plan!!!!!  I will let you know how we progress!!!  Quite a few friends have asked us why we are bothering and most times attics get sorted when you move house but we have not done that for a number of years so it is a good time to get it done. 


As these Primulas are very prolific and spread easily we moved some from here to another part of our garden and as you can see they have come out.  But also some have come out as pink!  Now I know that Hydrangeas can change colour because of the soil but I didn’t think Primulas could do this!!!!  They look pretty whatever they are!!!!!


I hope you are all having a Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday March 25th!!!!!

Goodness me the weeks are flying!!!  We are busy with work work and then busy at home too so the weeks are flying!  In fact I looked in the mirror today thinking my hair needed a trim but I had only just had it done.  Of course when I looked back it was actually seven weeks ago.  Where did they go?????????

DH and I have another trip to Edinburgh tomorrow and Wednesday for work so that will be a busy two days!!!


This was the moon on the night of the Spring Equinox, so close to us and extremely bright!  We have also had another few nice Spring Days and DH managed to even cut the grass at the weekend.  Here are a few pictures of our garden as it is starting to wake after the winter.


View from our back door.


The winter pansies are still flowering.


Closer view with the neatly trimmed grass.IMG_2662

The trees are just starting to bud and we have kept Treacle’s friend the Reindeer out!!!


Another planter from a friend.


I know I have shown you the Primula before but they just do so well here at the base of the wisteria.  I just love the colour.

I will be back on Thursday with hopefully some pictures of our travels in between visiting customers!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx


As you know we have ordered a new bed frame.  We were working out how long we have had our current bed frame and we bought it when Eldest was four and I was expecting Youngest and he is twenty this year!!!!!  To be fair it is because we have never found one we liked before this, when you start looking around you realise how few different styles there are and I think they are made all by the same manufacturer!!!!  Anyway we found this company about twenty miles from where we live who make the beds on site from actual wood!

Anyway when the new bed arrives which will be the Tuesday after Easter Sunday we are going to have to change our room round a bit and take away a couple of things.  I am also planning on Spring Cleaning our room from top to bottom when we have taken our old bed frame away so it will be ready for when the new bed arrives. 

Before we moved to our current home I used to go through lots of home magazines and clip out pictures of various rooms that I loved and have incorporated some of the ideas into our new home.  Now, of course, there is Pinterest and I can spend hours looking at different things on there!!!!!


We will, eventually, change my dressing table which is even older than the old bed!  We had this set when we moved into our previous home which is twenty-eight years ago!!!!!!  However I have already changed things on my dressing table with my makeup.  I have gone through all of it and got rid of things I didn’t use and tidied the rest and it is now in the top drawer of my table.  On top I now have my perfume, brushes and lipsticks.


I bought two new glass jars for my cotton wool pads and Q-tips


My brushes sit in an old glass candle pot from Crabtree & Evelyn and my lipsticks in a cut glass bowl which was just sitting in my glass cabinet so I thought I would put it to use.  I love re-purposing things like this.

As you can see I use Chanel.  Having tried different products from different companies (I used Dior when younger) I have found that the Chanel products suit my skin the best. 

We are also going to replace DH’s dresser as well, hopefully by the end of the year, and it will all then match.  I will show you pictures of our room as we progress.  Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when we first moved in and decorated it.

Different #TBT today!

Our weather has now reverted to more like February temperatures today and it is raining!  Of course it is March 1st tomorrow, the start of the Spring months although it is already Spring like with the daffodils coming out already.  DH and I are out on Saturday evening at another swimming competition but the rest of the weekend is free so we can get some jobs done. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx

Another Glorious Winter’s Day.


Well it has been 17°C today because of a “hot plume” coming up from Morocco!!!  It has been really nice and sunny today but over the next few days the temps are going down and more like February/beginning of March should be!!!

Treacle has been enjoying the weather and been outside and of course didn’t want to come in when I called her!  Getting her food dish out did the trick!!!

Xander Parr 6

This Eldest baby of mine has now finished all his exams and course work and is now a fully qualified Technician and has been accepted onto the Elite Group at college to do his Masters (another year) and is being put forward as a candidate for a National Award!  We are so proud of him. 

Yesterday and today had been busy with work but I have managed to keep up with it all and in fact actually get ahead!!!!  Tomorrow I have to run Youngest around as his car is in for a service and he has Thursday off.  Before we know it, it will be the weekend.  We have another swimming event just Saturday night which I am helping with but other than that the days are free so we can catch up on some jobs.

IMG_0792 (002)

(Picture Credit: Kathleen Tracy)

I did get some quilting done over the weekend and began a Mystery Quilt from Kathleen Tracy at “A Sentimental Quilter” here.

This is the first time I have tried doing a small quilt so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  I have downloaded the February block and the whole thing runs to July when Kathleen will tell us how to put it together to make a quilt.

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

February 22nd, a Wonderful Spring Day!


I think Punxsutawney Phil should do the weather forecast every day, not just once a year, because here in Derbyshire we are having a wonderful Spring Day.  In fact parts of the UK are supposed to be warmer than Egypt today!!!!  I know everyone will say it is global warming but I am really appreciating it today.  Even Treacle has been enjoying having the door open to our garden and running in and out. 

I took the opportunity to take my camera out into the garden and here are some pictures.


This was a planter that a very good friend gave me last year after my hip operation and as you can see the mini daffodils have come out.


The Primulas have come out over the last two days of sunshine.


Last Autumn I planted a lot of snowdrops as they seem to like the soil but only a few have appeared and I think the wretched squirrel has been digging them up and eating them!!!!


I made a quick trip to the garden centre last week and bought a new double-flowered Primula and a couple of other plants which were on sale.


The Crocus are out and more Primulas.


The vegetables are still doing well.


The view over our garden wall towards the big trees and farm fields.


The garden still looks very tidy after its Winter snooze.


We left the wooden Reindeer out from Christmas and Treacle has made friends with it!!!


She managed to find one of her tennis balls to play with.


“Isn’t it a great day, I can be outside Mom?”


The sun beginning to sink early but it is only February 22nd!

I got my errands all done and a few other ones too and tomorrow I am going over to Nottingham to do some shopping and get a few bits.  I haven’t been over since Christmas so it will be nice to have a look round and the weather is supposed to be like today so it will be great.

I hope whatever you are up to this weekend you have a lovely time.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle was far too snuggled yesterday to do her Wednesday Wag. May be something to do with the fact I have been getting up at 4.30am so I can go and get Eldest and get him to work!!!  I am feeling, shall we say, a little tired now!!!!  Last day for doing this is tomorrow when he hopefully gets his car back.  They have been waiting for parts to be delivered and it is that which has taken the time!!!

Henry 8th

In 2005 DH was at another Exhibition in London during the February Half Term holiday from school so whilst he was there I took the Boys around London.  One of our visits was to Madam Tussauds and the Planetarium, which they loved.  Here they are with Henry VIII and his six wives.  I always loved taking the Boys to these sort of things and the rest of the week we went to the Natural History Museum and the British library.  Of course we did all the museums several times over as the Boys grew as they got different things from them at different ages.

The weather here has gotten a little warmer again but lots and lots of rain and also high winds!  I think it may be an early Spring as Phil predicted at this rate and certainly my bulbs are all coming up, especially my snowdrops!  Not much chance of snow though!

As the weather is still not good I am taking the opportunity of carrying on with my de-cluttering programme in our home.  DH and I did our Den which is where we work at home and got rid of a lot of things; papers, magazines and things which we have kept and used but did not require any more.  Papers we shredded and magazines went in the re-cycling basket and although our office was tidy it is now clear of a lot of papers.  My next room to do is our bedroom and dressing room, before our new bed arrives in a couple of months.  Just before it is due to arrive I will also Spring clean it as well so it will be ready for when they deliver the new bed.  


My next job after that will be our bookcases.  Again there are some books I can donate and generally tidy them up and it is also a good excuse for me to dig out some books I have not read in a while to re-read!!!!

Tomorrow I have some errands to run and generally sort some things out before the weekend and then DH is out on Saturday afternoon/evening so I will be getting Treacle’s quilt finished.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.  Tomorrow is Book Club Day!

Hugs, Susie xx

Happy Monday.


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, ours was busy!!!  Friday night we were at a friend’s house for dinner and had a lovely evening and didn’t get home until 2.00am!!!  We then had to be up early on Saturday as we had some jobs to do and in the afternoon it was the first of the Swimming Club in-house Championships. 

Saturday morning I got the cars cleaned out inside and DH put a new wooden handrail up the steps to our front door as the other one had broken.  We got to the swimming pool at 3.00pm to set up and we managed to get all the computer equipment to talk to each other eventually and were set up for the swimmers to start at 5.00pm.  We got home around 8.30pm shattered but it was a good event and we had a lot of swimmers who broke quite a few Championship records which was really good to see.

Sunday we were up early again to get the last jobs in the garden done, including painting the Boys’ Den with wood stain before winter and DH was busy finishing staining the hand rail and then clearing up the leaves which were busy falling. 

We can now say that the garden is ready for winter and has been “put to bed” so to speak.  I am so pleased with what DH and I have got done this year in the garden especially last year as I couldn’t do a lot because of my hip, so it has been a great year for that.  Here are some pictures.


Here is the Boys’ Den stained.  We think we may need to do it again in the Spring but at least it will protect it during this Winter.


The patio and steps leading into the garden, DH has just cleared all the leaves up and he turned round and another lot had fallen!!!!!


I left my vegetable bag out and put in some leaks and cauliflowers for Spring.


The hardy Fuchsia is busy dropping its flowers so I have been sweeping them up.


We were lucky with the weather over the weekend as it was sunny and quite mild.


You can see the cherry tree leaves how golden they are now.

When I was cleaning out our cars I checked the first aid boxes we carry and threw out anything which was out of date and went this morning and replaced some of the things and re-packed them to go back in the cars.


I always find that the pre-filled ones you can buy in the shops never have the things I want in them, so I bought two of the smaller clips boxes for our cars.  The Boys also have them too.  Here they are ready to go back.  I also checked the house medicine cupboard and bought some replacements for that too.   


Treacle was busy helping all weekend too, although we think she has rolled in something she shouldn’t so I have rung her Spa to try to get her in for a bath!  It will kill two birds with one stone as I can also book her Christmas appointment at the same time, so I don’t forget and then they are full up!!!!!


Can I please have a biscuit for helping?

We got to the pool at 3.30pm yesterday as we were able to leave all the equipment up from the previous day.  Although the computers worked perfectly the day before we could not get them to talk to each other on Sunday and we only just got it all sorted before warm up!!!  The swimmers, parents and officials didn’t know anything about it just DH and I and Connor running around trying to fix it!!!  The swimmers again had a good event and some more Championship  records went so it will be a busy Presentation Evening on December 21st!!!!!

Of course being busy over the weekend I felt like today should have been Sunday really!!! 

The other thing is my computer is going away for a few days to be upgraded and a new disk inserted so I will try to log into my Blog on Eldest’s computer  but if I don’t manage it I will be back later in the week.  It’s always the same, I am up to date with my work, all of it, and then my computer has to go away so I will be a few days behind!!!!  I will catch up though because I don’t want to get in a mess when it does come back!!!!!   Of course that means I will get to play in my sewing room for two days of quilting as I won’t have a computer, there is always a silver lining.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx