Yeah It’s Friday!

It was a typical November morning when I got up at 6.00am with thick fog blanketing us.  DH had the day off with Eldest doing car things and sorting out our garage as he has bought another car as a “project” just as Youngest had got rid of his “project” car. However Youngest has kept the engine so that he and his brother can rebuild it, which will also help Youngest with his college work.  The garage will be tidy at least.

I have had one of those days where I started work after I had made lunch for everyone and they had left for work and I got wrapped up doing tasks and next time I looked up it was lunch time!!!  I did not get all the things done that I wanted to but I am getting there!  The weekend is supposed to be okay weather wise even if it is foggy so we can get those jobs done in the garden as well as some at home.  We are going to let our fireworks off tomorrow night and have hot dogs for dinner like we did when the Boys were small!

Photograph: BBC

Geoffrey Palmer 1927 – 2020

Sad news today of the passing of Geoffrey Palmer who stared with Dame Judy Dench in the BBC comedy show “As Time Goes By” about two people who knew each other in their early twenties who then meet again in their early sixties and begin a relationship.  It was a great show and Geoffrey Palmer was great with Judy Dench.  If you can get to watch it do, you will love it. 

Sunday I am planning on sorting out my quilting and get things organised to get it done and also sort out the final bits for Eldest’s Memory Books.  I can then get Youngest’s sorted and hopefully get them finished before Christmas.  One benefit of another Lockdown I have time to do all this so in that it is a good thing!!!!!

I will get some pictures of the garden over the weekend and Treacle will have to get used to local walks again instead of longer ones at the weekend.  We usually take her up to Chatsworth for a walk around the park or the gardens but obviously can’t at the moment.  Hopefully soon or over Christmas but who knows.

I also want to do some planning for Christmas too and get some more of my endless lists made!!  We also need to get all the Winter clothes out and put away the summer ones, especially as it is getting cooler now.

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a lovely time.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, I adore As Time Goes By and Geoffrey was a marvelous actor!! He was 6 years younger than my dad. I was As Time Goes By every Saturday evening, as it come on after Keeping Up Appearances. Such sad news. He seemed like such a gentleman. We have a cold front moving in, so while the sun is shining, a cold wind is blowing, so trips out with the dogs are short.

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