“Come with me, Mom says.  To the Library. Books and Summertime go together.”

Lisa Schroeder

Just in time for the start of June we finally have some sunshine and it is warm!!!! Hurrah!  We are all enjoying it, especially Treacle.

We had another long weekend last weekend so DH and I started painting our sitting room.  We had the paint and all the stuff needed but of course things did not go as planned as the Boys put a spanner in the works so we did not start painting until Sunday!  It took us all Saturday afternoon and some of the evening to clear the sitting room and now I remember why we don’t paint it regularly!!!! 

Here are all the books stacked on the dining table, floor, dresser etc!!!!

It took us a while to get it all back in as well and no the books did not go back right so that is the next job!! 

We had traumas with the paint we had chosen it was thick and gloopy and did not go on the walls well so we had to go and buy some more paint which was fine.  It looks nice and clean now and I am so glad we have finished.  There is another long weekend at the end of August and we need to paint our bedroom/dressing room so that will be then. We also need to get the ceilings re-plastered in our den, kitchen and laundry and of course that will need painting when it is dry, but of course that will then make the walls look bad so we may end up painting those too!! 

As we have some nice warm days now I am washing curtains/cushion covers/quilts/matress and pillow protectors and getting them all hung outside.  Can’t let the sunshine go to waste.  I also have all the baskets and bins to wash and they can dry outside too. 

This weekend DH and Youngest are going to a new car museum which has opened near us and not only do you get to see the cars you can drive them too!!!   I am going to try and get the outdoor furniture re-stained and there is some gardening to do.  One weekend soon I am going to do nothing at all!!! 

Our Boys are having a few issues with each other at the moment, did you know I am running the Derbyshire branch of the United Nations?  As well as a restaurant, Chinese laundry, hotel and all round diary consultant!!!!  We are still due to go away in August, so long as the wretched Covid doesn’t start to act up again, and at the the moment we think it will just be DH and I and it will be SO nice to get away!!!!!!!!!! 

Of course this week is now a short week and I will be confused all week being a day out but at least the weekend will come round quicker!!!  I hope you all are having a great week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Wow – that is a lot of books to have to sort through and organize and re-shelf! I hope you get to go on your vacation in August. It seems here things are getting back to normal and the covid cases are staying way down thankfully.

  2. farmquilter

    So glad summer has finally arrived for you!! You have one heck of a job ahead of you getting all those books put back!! It will be so lovely when it is all put back together!

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