Tuesday Things.

After all the rain and how cold it was in May we now have some lovely sunshine and it is warm.  So much so that I have finally got the last of the Spring Cleaning jobs done, ones which need the sun out.

Here are all the baskets and bins in our home which I wash and then leave out to dry in the sunshine, including Treacle’s basket.

I also have crystals around our home (I think they bring good energy to a roome but understand that not everyone believes the same)  I wash them and then run them under cold water and put them on the tray and then put them out in the sun to “charge” them.

I have also managed to get all our curtains washed and the under bedding and now it is the turn of the dressing gowns and a couple of quilts and some other bits I have in the kitchen.  I love it when I can hang the washing out. 

Here are the pictures of our outdoor furniture newly painted.

Also here are a few pictures of the flowers currently out in the garden, we have some weeding to do!

Quite a few more flowers are just coming out.  I will have to water them tonight after today’s heat!

This is how blue the sky is today with no clouds!  Bliss. 

I hope your Tuesday is going well.  I have managed to get all my work done and these other jobs done in between, as well as answering the door for deliveries for the Boys! The weekend is supposed to be nice so with luck we can get into the garden and do a general tidy up and then perhaps the following weekend we won’t have any jobs to do and can do something different!! Wonders will never cease!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Things.

  1. farmquilter

    So glad the sunshine found you!!! I bet Treacle is loving hanging out in the garden!! We has a system roll through daughter’s area yesterday and it left some places with 14″ of rain in just the morning!! That is two-three years worth of precipitation for where I was raised and quite impressive to witness! Yay for getting the final spring cleaning stuff done – I love hanging everything on the line as well!!

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