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Monday, Monday, so good to me!


I am loving the fact that I am able to watch the Game of Thrones episode with my breakfast on Monday mornings, albeit at 5.30am this morning!!!!  I had to take Eldest to work as his car is in for a service, as is DH’s truck!!!  All these things come at once.  So I was back home by 7.00am and it is amazing how much you can get done before the phones start ringing!

DH was busy over the weekend and I stayed home and got a mixture of Spring Cleaning and quilting done as well as the ironing basket emptied!!!  We did get to go to the garden centre yesterday morning and got some new plants and some plants for the summer bedding, pictures of which are below. 


My planter from our friends.  The daffodils have finished now but the other plants are still going strong.


Plants we bought waiting to be put in.  I have to empty the pots of the winter pansies and then wash and refill them and then plant them up.  The next few days are going to be warm so I will get these done one evening.


I put this in last year and it is doing so well this year.  I am going to take some cuttings to grow some more.


This has appeared and I don’t remember planting it but it really is very pretty so again I am going to take some cuttings.


The pink Rhododendron is just coming out (sorry its blurred).


The Vinca Major is busy flowering.


The garden furniture is back out and we need to re-stain this, this year.


As today is the first really hot day for a while I have washed three pairs of curtains and got them dried outside.


Treacle loving the weather and being outside all day.


This is my new Rhododendron we planted last year and it really is a beautiful lemon colour.  I love it.


Below is one of my tree peonies, the flower is massive.


Our pond in a barrel which we are going to clean out this year and re-plant with some new water plants.  The Reindeer is now keeping it company and our Wisteria is just coming out.  It is sulking as we chopped a lot of it down last year!!!!!


I wanted to show you my Christmas Cacti, it flowered at Christmas and has now come out again as you can see.  When it has finished flowering I am going to re-pot it into a bigger pot.

We also did another good job yesterday when we tidied up and made a list of all my food stores in our room off the garage.  This is tins of food etc which I buy when it is on offer and then use it from there.  A very good friend of mine in the US only goes grocery shopping twice a year and then buys fresh things weekly.  Of course she lives in the middle of nowhere and is not able to pop to the shops like I can.  However when I was first on my own I used to shop once a month and then just buy the fresh things weekly, perhaps I should go back to doing that? I will show you some pictures later in the week.

I have also been buying a little extra each week because of Brexit!  I know we are told not to stock pile food but I do think that whenever the stupid thing is sorted there will be those who try to take advantage of the situation and put prices up whether it is needed or not, so I am just getting a little ahead of the game!!!


(Picture from Bravo TV)

Speaking of shopping I don’t know if you watch “The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills” (it is the only one I watch) but did you see them going “camping” in last week’s episode!!!!  Firstly they went in a huge RV, secondly when they got there, their tents were set up like a hotel room and thirdly they were there for one night!

They went shopping for this one night and managed to spend over $700!  I spend that sort of amount for a month for four of us and Treacle including all the cleaning/washing/toiletries etc!!!!!  How can you spend that much money for one night?  Also the amount of clothes they had taken for one night and two days!!!!!  Good grief.  I have always thought that when they travel abroad for say four days and they each turn up with about four suitcases!!  I mean what planet do they live on?  They must always have to pay excess baggage charges!  I took one, admittedly big, case for a fortnight which in fact turned into three weeks.  Their lives are just not in the real world at all, but that is why I like to watch!!!!!  tee hee!!!

Anyway having got all my work done this morning, I have done a few little Spring Cleaning jobs this afternoon before I need to fetch Eldest and then start dinner.  DH is out, again, tonight at a swimming meeting but I think I will be going to bed early, having got up early this morning.  Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut and run some errands.  Next week DH and I are going to Chelsea Flower Show.  More on that later in the week.

Have a Wonderful Week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Spring Cleaning Day!



I have been continuing with the Spring Cleaning jobs today doing one at a time.  All the pots in our Dining Room Dresser are now washed, I am so glad we have a dishwasher though!!!  We do have some pots, which we have inherited from our families, which can only be washed by hand and that does take a while.

I have also managed to get all the silver, brass and copper cleaned; I did watch a film in our kitchen whilst I was doing that job.


All our glassware has been run through the dishwasher on the gentle setting and are all now sparkly!!!!!


I don’t think I ever showed you this piece of glassware (below) that we were given by DH’s Cousins when his Aunt passed.  It is a lovely cheese plate which we use when we have friends for dinner.


It has all the names of different cheeses on!


Treacle has been busy following me about our home as I have been collecting things for washing and then putting them back again!!!!

Still have lots to do towards the Spring Cleaning but I am ticking them off my list slowly one by one!!!!  I will need DH to help with the big jobs, such as moving the furniture, but we have another long weekend at the end of this month when he will be able to help me then.

I hope your Tuesday is going well, because we had yesterday off as a holiday I will be at sixes and sevens all week with the days!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Bank Holiday Monday!

Today is a holiday here in the UK and so far it is not raining!!!  DH left at 6.00am to go to the swimming competition where he is commentating all day (!) and this was what I was doing at 6.00am:




Yep Game of Thrones.  As they are showing it at the same time in the US and UK it is on here at 2.30am!!!  SO I have been recording it and watching it later on.  For those of you who have seen it my only thought with the dragons was for Daenerys to fly around the back of the ships and burn them from the back for I could not see that the huge crossbows could be turned around!!!!  Also apparently on the table near Daenerys when they are talking to Jon about the battle there is a Starbucks cup on the table!!!!!!  I did not see this it was in the newspaper – oops!!!!!

I really hope as we only have two episodes to go now before the end, that Cersei does not win and stays on the Iron Throne as I think that would be a betrayal of all the fans.  I don’t care who ends up on the Iron Throne so long as it is not her!!!!!!


So as everyone is out of the house today except Treacle and I, I thought I would get on with some Spring Cleaning!!! Treacle is outside at the moment as it is sunny for a while but we are due rain later. 

Spring Cleaning is one of those jobs that I hate doing but love the result when it is done!!!!! Oh well on we go.  I hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


New Bed!

The other reason for trying to get everything back into the attic by Tuesday of this week was because our new bed arrived!!!!!  Yeah.  As I said in a previous post we had had our old bedframe for twenty years and so we thought it was about time to have a new one and found this amazing company in Retford, Nottinghamshire where they make all the beds on site.  Below is the one we bought.


It really looks great in our room and does not dominate it at all!  We also bought new bedside tables to match.

This is novel to us as we did not have draws in our old bedside tables.

You could get rails put along the inside at the top so you can hang curtains but we didn’t want to do that.  DH came up with this idea though:


Hanging quilts from the top rail at the headboard end to display them.  So far it is our summer quilt and I now need to get on with the dark quilt I was going to make for our bed which I have not got around to yet!!!!


At night with the bedside lights on.

Of course the first person to actually get on the bed was:


I think Treacle approves, plus the bed frame is higher than our old one so she can see more out of the windows!!!  The Ghostly fingers to the right of the picture are Youngest’s!  He was trying to get Treacle to look at the camera, not much chance of that!!!!!


We love the new bed and the new wood smell is wonderful!!!  Over the next year we will be replacing my dressing table and DH’s chest of drawers to match the new bed, although I want to keep my chair which I use at my table and am hoping that they can take it in and strip it down and re-stain it to match the new colour!!!!

Yesterday it took me twice as long to clean our home as normal because of all the dust created from the weekend but I got there in the end!!!  Treacle was completely fed up by the evening with all the dusting and the vacuum cleaner, which she hates with a passion!!!!!  Grocery shopping today and finish off the washing and ironing and then I have a completely clear weekend to quilt!!!! Yeah!!!

I hope, whatever you are up to this weekend, you have a lovely time and the weather is kind.  It is typical April here at the moment, sunny one minute and hailstones and heavy rain the next.  I really don’t like April and will be glad when May arrives.

Hugs, Susie xx


#TBT to last weekend!!!!   This was just a fraction of what came out of the attic.  In fact every room had stuff in it!!!!  The Boys were great and helped sort it but it took soooo long.  We started on Maundy Thursday and just spent the whole of Easter working at it.  In fact Easter Sunday was spent doing this and it was so bad we had to go and sleep at the very local Travelodge as we could not get in our bedroom, Eldest’s room, the dining room or the sitting room!!!  Youngest stayed at home with Treacle as his room only had a few boxes in!!!!!  Easter dinner was eaten last night!!!!


Eldest clearing boxes (you can see how many there are and this is our bedroom).  Treacle not happy with all the upheaval!!!!


This is how it looks now, before you could not see any floor space except for a very thin line down the middle to carefully walk past, so it is definitely a good thing to do.


Guest bedding in bags and winter blankets.


The other end of the attic with the Boys’ Keepsake boxes.

This is Stage One!  Stage Two will begin in September when the nights start to draw in and I will get those Keepsake boxes down and get them into some sort of order one set for Eldest and one set for Youngest and then I will be able to get rid of some more boxes!!!!  But I won’t be doing that until then, now that the lighter nights are here and the better weather!!!


This is the skip we almost filled it and then our neighbour put in some old doors he had and some old outdoor furniture but the rest is ours!!!!!


Treacle gained Eldest’s old Camper Van cushion which they used to have in the truck when they went on holiday.  Youngest has kept his but Eldest donated his to Treacle and as you can see she is leaning her head on it!!!!!!

I am so glad we got it done and after September when Stage Two is complete we will be so organised!!!!!  The Boys had fun going through things and seeing old toys come out and be re-packed and go back of course!!!  Eldest still has his bedroom to do with things that can be put away and others donated.  We took eight boxes to the Charity Shop for our local Air Ambulance, as they get no funding except donations and they were very grateful.

This weekend DH is out all weekend at a big East Midlands Swimming event so I will be spending time quilting.  This morning I have been working but this afternoon I will be doing house jobs and tomorrow is grocery shopping.  I also have the dentist for a check up tomorrow afternoon and then in the evening DH and I are going to the cinema to see the “Avengers: End Game” film and are looking forward to that.

All over the weekend I have had a cold and virus, which I always seem to get when doing a big job like this or on holiday of course!!!!  Still feel not good but getting on with things to keep my mind off of it.  However I did lose my voice at one point and Eldest said that only Treacle could hear me!!!!!!!  Cheek!

Happy Thursday everyone, it will soon be the weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


A bit of a different #TBT today.  In 2017 I was busy in our kitchen by the window when I saw something run across the top of our garden but it was too fast to see.  Anyway after a little while it appeared from under the bushes and Youngest managed to get a picture of it, below.  We think it is a Snipe and had obviously gotten tired so touched down in our garden for a rest.  By the afternoon he had left again.


Anyway this morning after having finished cleaning our kitchen at 5.30am, don’t ask, I saw this gentleman in the middle of our lawn!!!!


Again I think he must have gotten tired and decided to touch down for a rest!!!!  After a couple of hours he had departed.

I think there must be some sign for our garden, which only Birds can see, which says Rest Stop!!!!  Perhaps I will have to start charging, tee hee.

I was supposed to meet another friend this morning for coffee but unfortunately her daughter was poorly so she is spending her day off work at the hospital!!!  It always happens.  Although that has meant that I have got a lot done this morning.  Yesterday I just about worked myself to a standstill trying to get work finished and then I had a whole year of business books to be shredded so that the current business year we are in can go away at the end of June.


This is what a whole year of our business looks like shredded!!!  Four and a half bags of shredding which will go for recycling!!!  I was so pleased to have got that job out-of-the-way as it is one of those once a year jobs I really hate doing!!!!

It is also the time of year when I need to start all the paperwork for the swimming club quality mark submission.  It gets reviewed at the beginning of September but I must have it all uploaded before we go away in August, so always aim to have it all done by the end of July.   I decided to start even earlier this year and try to get a head of it and get it uploaded by June.  Well it’s a plan!!!

Tomorrow I have errands to run and the grocery shopping to do and a basket of ironing but this weekend DH and I have no other events on so we can get some of the jobs done around our home and garden, if the weather is kind.  At the moment here in Derbyshire it is very sunny but cool.  Treacle, however is outside enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you are having a very Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Scotland Trip.

DH and I went up to Edinburgh again for business last week.  Here in Derbyshire the weather was warm and sunny, in Edinburgh cold and grey!!!!  I managed to get a few pictures whilst we travelled between customer visits.


The road which leaves England behind and Scotland ahead, looking towards Edinburgh and the coast.


We ended up driving through Edinburgh around the back streets avoiding traffic where you come across some fantastic buildings.


Fantastic bay windows and you would not know you were 1800 Edinburgh except for the security cameras!!!!!


Lots of the buildings have turrets and some of which are actual, if not tiny, rooms beneath the turret!


A wonderful selection of old buildings which lead to Edinburgh Castle except for the modern carbuncle to the right in the picture which looks like a car showroom!  Whichever planning authority allowed that needs their heads examining!!!!


Driving down the main road in Edinburgh the view is dominated by the Scott Monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott.  You can see how grey the day was.


We also had to go to Glasgow and stayed there overnight before returning to Edinburgh.  This is the view from our hotel room and the huge crane is a permanent monument to the great shipbuilding on the Clyde River.


The Armadillo which is an event space.


One of many old buildings in Glasgow probably once connected to the ship building industry.


Several little towns have very ornate towers for their council offices.


Travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh with a small break in the clouds.

It was a good two days for business and nice to be in the area again.  Just a shame that we were not able to carry on further North to where we holiday!!!  Ah well we will be doing that soon!!!!

Still trying to get things organised at home and tidying up areas which have not been done in a while prior to us starting the Spring Cleaning!!!  We have decided to get a skip over the Easter period so that we can get rid of rubbish which will be easier than keep going to the local tip.  We also have boxes ready for donations to charity shops and things to re-purpose and of course things to go back into the attic which will be all clean and tidy when we do.  Well that’s the plan!!!!!  I will let you know how we progress!!!  Quite a few friends have asked us why we are bothering and most times attics get sorted when you move house but we have not done that for a number of years so it is a good time to get it done. 


As these Primulas are very prolific and spread easily we moved some from here to another part of our garden and as you can see they have come out.  But also some have come out as pink!  Now I know that Hydrangeas can change colour because of the soil but I didn’t think Primulas could do this!!!!  They look pretty whatever they are!!!!!


I hope you are all having a Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx