The Wednesday Wag!

All the Boys have left for work today so I am waiting for Mom to be ready and come downstairs, perhaps I will get my biscuit early!

The weather is horrible here this week with lots of rain, which I hate, especially having to get dry when I come back in. 

Youngest was sorting out his lunch box when he came in and I was waiting to see if there was anything left!!!!!

I always make sure that I do my AireYoga every day!!!!  Although Mom says that I sometimes get dirty paw marks on the wall!!!!

I am hoping that the weather is going to get better soon and I can spend more time out in the garden.  They have forecast high winds and rain for the weekend so I think I will be hiding in my basket whilst Mom is quilting.

Happy Woofy Wednesday every buddy!!!  Treacle xx


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle, you are so pretty!! Always showing off your best sides to the camera – I don’t think you have a bad side!! Enjoy your basket and stay warm!!

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