A Little Bit of Quilting and a Lot of !!!!!!

I was asked by DH’s cousin if I would make two Memory Quilts for her grandchildren and I, of course, agreed.  I have seen lots of them around in Quilt Land but never done one so asked for help from my very good friend, Susan, who is an expert quilter as to what I needed to do.  She very kindly told me and off I set.  Well I know I have only been quilting a short time but I always enjoy what I have done, even the King size quilt I have made for Eldest.  However these two quilts were just the most taxing things!   I picked them up and put them down so many times but in the end over the last two months I have got them all done and was ready to take them to the Christening yesterday. 

We had our swimming Open on Saturday and it was a very, very long and very, very HOT day!  So much so that we just had something to eat when we got in and went straight to bed.  We did not get up early yesterday which meant we ended up rushing out of our home to get to the Christening on time and you guessed it; I forgot the quilts!!!!!!!!  Anyway I did tell them that they are done and Mom is going to save them until Christmas anyway but I will be taking them over soon. 

They don’t read my blog so I am able to show you them now they are done.

This is for her Grandson (above and below).  I loved the backing which has little yachts on!

This is for her Granddaughter and the backing has very pale delicate flowers on.

I decided to just do a diamond pattern as the quilting, so it did not hide any of the main front pieces which all came from their baby grows and early clothes they had worn. 

I think the thing I found most hard was getting the block sizes the same, especially when some of the pictures/words etc were large so they ended up being bigger than the block size I chose which was 6″ x 6″ which is why in particular the boy’s quilt is a bit higgledy piggledy!!  I am sure the children won’t mind just hope Mom and Grandma like them!!!!

Today is even hotter so Coco and I have the tower fan going full blast in the Den and she is actually asleep on her back in her crate, so she must feel comfortable with the fan on her!  I am off to run a couple of errands and then I think it will be dinner and bed, don’t want to do too much in this heat!  It is due to be even hotter tomorrow so I will be up early getting my jobs done before it gets too warm!!!  Have a wonderful week all. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xxx

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Quilting and a Lot of !!!!!!

  1. farmquilter

    Your memory quilts are adorable!! I will happily offset each row when trying to get them to match is difficult. Mom, grandma and kids will love them! You did a great job with the diamond quilting pattern! Did you use painter’s tape to keep the rows of quilting the same distance apart? Enjoy the “hot”, for the cold, rainy, gray yuck is on the way!!

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