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Literary Monday!

How many times have you finished a book and then thought I wish it had been longer?  I can get so wrapped up in the story that you get to the last page and are amazed that it is the end.  Of course it is also a real trial when you are reading a series of books and then have to wait for the next one to be publised, George R.R. Martin being a case in point.  We have been waiting for quite a few years now for the next instalment of the Game of Thrones books!!!!  Please get a move on and get it published Mr Martin!

Definitely prefer reading books to watching TV although I do watch films.

Who hasn’t wondered what happened to them after you close the book, especially Elizabeth & Darcy of Pride & Prejudice?  

This is quite true and I remember when Youngest started to read books for himself and he said he could see pictures when he read the words, a true reader!

We had a set of books when we started to read at primary school called “The Janet & John Books” which progressed for new readers, above, and they are still used today in a more modern form.  I was able to read when I went to school so I think I started on Book Five and both our Boys could also read when they went to school.

The children are all back at school today, the first time since Christmas and this is the first step to us hopefully opening things up again.  Let us hope that it does not drive up the rate of infections again!


DH & I have had our first jabs of the vaccine for Covid and it was fine.  Our second jabs will be in May! 


On a final note our newspapers are full of that wretched interview and to be honest some of the things that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex have said are appalling and they should be ashamed of themselves, especially as we know the Royal Family will not respond to neither confirm nor deny anything.  However one of the things the Duchess said about Harry and herself being married before the actual wedding is wrong.  In Britain you are not able to get married unless the place is licenced and you have two witnesses!  It may be that they practiced their vows in the garden but they certainly did not get married.  SO if she is stretching the truth (lying) about that, what else is she/they lying about?  

I hope you are having a very Happy Monday and will have a great week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. Molly the Airedale

    When we read a book, we visualize what we think the person looks like and if the book is made into a movie, sometimes it’s so disappointing when the actor or actress doesn’t look at all who we envisioned them to look like. I hate when a really great book ends!
    We watched about 80% of the interview. Oprah does a great job and many times, we heard the hummmm’s like maybe she wasn’t believing all that she was hearing.
    We have a cold day here today but the weather for the rest of the week will be warmer and more spring-like and we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warmer sunshine so I”m doing a lot of what you’re doing today, Treacle.

  2. farmquilter

    I didn’t watch the interview – it’s been on TV for you now. I’ve certainly seen lots on it on social media and the news. Oprah is their friend so she definitely softballed the allegations they made and didn’t ask for details…exactly as they wanted it, totally controlled by them. That’s the only kind of media attention they want. Interesting how the Brits appeared to love her at first and as more of who she really is was revealed, they pulled away from her. She does love to compare herself to Princess Diana when she was twice her age with two marriages (one annulled and one divorce) under her belt before Harry…she was not naive or unworldly as Diana was at 19. What they say and what they do doesn’t jibe…they don’t want to be in the spotlight yet they move to Hollywood when Africa would have given them the opportunity to be out of sight. As a B list (at best) actress when she left Hollywood, she now has a door-opener to heights she could never have achieved on her own. Books…yes, the pictures come fast!! I love it when I find a series that has 20 books in it and they are all ready published!!! Wagons West was a fabulous series that details the settlement of the American West and I really enjoyed it. I like how the characters are there for a few books, new characters are added and stick around for a bit – lends continuity to the series and the movie going on in my head!

  3. Judy

    That is one of the things I definitely love about books that I can picture things in my mind as I read them. Our first reading books were a series about Dick and Jane which are probably similar to your Janet and John books. I know what you mean about wishing you could find out what happened with the characters later. One of my favorite authors was Maeve Binchy and what I loved about her books was that characters from previous books would sometimes show up in later books.
    I have to admit that after saying I wouldn’t watch the Oprah interview I did watch a little but that was only because my husband who doesn’t usually watch those things decided to watch it . I was in another room but did go in to watch it a couple of times with him but he finally had enough of it so left and I eventually turned it off. Just from her manner and the way she would hesitate before answering I felt there was a lot of stretching of the truth in what little I watched. For someone who says she was googling everything to find out what to do she had to have looked up why her son would not have the title Prince and yet she turned it into a racial thing. Bottom line I think she is quite manipulative and I said from the beginning time will tell what she is truly like and I think we are seeing it now. You are right they should be ashamed of themselves.

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