Tuesday Things.

This is the view from my desk and you can see the big Box bush on the left.  Well for the past week or so the Dunnock has been very busy flying in and out building a nest.  Well it must be four stories high by now with en suites and media room!!!!!  I have never seen so much activity.  Firstly the sticks went in, then moss and now it has managed to find white fluff from somewhere!  I do hope after all this work that they are successful in hatching some eggs.

This is a Dunnock!

Tonight DH and The Boys are playing cars again (!) so I will get dinner and leave them to all eat whenever they appear.  It is the one benefit of the evenings staying light for a little while.  We move our clocks forward one hour at the end of the month and it will be great to have those lighter nights but oh boy do I hate having to cope with that loss of an hour for a few weeks!!

On March 21st we will be completing the National Census which is done every ten years.  Lots of people moan about this but for anyone who has looked at the old Census details from the early 1900’s they can be fascinating and also help if you are tracing family tree details. 

We did see the sun for a little bit this morning but it has now clouded over and we are due rain for the rest of the week and weekend and it has been forecast high winds.  So far March has come in like a lamb so I suppose it will be going out like a lion!!!  Obviously no gardening will be done this weekend. 

We are gearing up for the next stage of things opening up now all the children are back in school which will be March 29th when two households can meet outside but no more than six.  Also outdoor sports can begin again and people do not have to stay home but if they can still work from home that will help.  The next date will be April 12th which is the big one when non essential retail opens again, Restaurants can open but only for outdoor meals and the most important of all hairdressers and beauty spas can re-open with Covid safety measures in place.  Also swimming will be back on this date.  May 17th will be the next day when more things open up and more socialising will be allowed but only if there is no increase in infections.  However by then they will have managed to get a huge amount of the population vaccinated so fingers crossed we will be allowed out again.  By June 21st it is the hope that we are nearly back to normal but there is still a way to go before that happens I think. 

I hope you lovely lot are having a Thrilling Tuesday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Does having all the men involved in a car mean you will have time for quilting?? No gardening this weekend, so painting or sewing?? It will be fun to watch the Dunnocks raise a family outside your window. Cute little sparrow!!!

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